Super Mid Jets

The super mid-size jet aircraft is popular among the long-range travel clientele. In comparison to their counterpart (the heavy jet aircraft), super mid-size aircraft offer transcontinental flights at a more competitive price. Recommended for groups of up to 10 passengers, these aircraft travel at 500-600 miles per hour and have an average flight range of 3,500 miles or 5 to 8 hours of non-stop flight. These aircraft are known to be the fastest, and most fuel-efficient when it comes to extended journeys. Offering luxurious seating, these jets can give you rest and ease and get you from Miami to Los Angeles in no time.

Super Mid aircraft offer high-performing non-stop coast-to-coast and intercontinental flights, ranging from five to seven hours with fuel reserves, and can reach approximately 3,276 nautical miles. With a high-speed cruise starting from about 450 knots, these planes are great for long-distance non-stop flights. Several being extensively fast compared to other civilian private jets and able to fly intercontinentally. These models also offer high performance, but have low direct operating costs.

Super Midsize Jets

Citation Sovereign

Citation Sovereign

  • Capacity: up to 12 pax
  • Cabin Size (L/H/W): 24 ft/5.7 ft/5.6 ft
  • Cruise Speed: 495 mph
  • Range: 3,243 nm

Citation X+ Private Jet Charter (Mid-size)

Citation X+

  • Capacity: 12 (std config)
  • Cabin Size (H/W/L): 68 in/66 in/25.2 ft
  • Cruise Speed: 607 mph
  • Range: 3,460 nm
  • Baggage Capacity: 104 cu ft

Embraer Legacy 500 exterior

Embraer Legacy 500

  • Capacity: up to 12 pax
  • Cabin Size (L/H/W): 26.1 ft/6 ft/6.1 ft
  • Cruise Speed: 636 mph
  • Range: 3,125 nm


Citation X

  • Capacity: up to 12 pax
  • Cabin Size (H/W): 5.6 ft/5.5 ft
  • Cruise Speed: 604 mph
  • Range: 3,216 nm

Challenger 300 corporate aircraft

Challenger 300

  • Capacity: 8 pax
  • Cabin Size (H/W): 6.1 ft/7.2 ft
  • Cruise Speed: 528 mph
  • Range: 3,567 nm

Dassault Falcon 50 corporate aircraft

Dassault Falcon 50

  • Capacity: 8-9 pax
  • Cabin Size (H/W): 5.9 ft/6.1 ft
  • Cruise Speed: 551 mph
  • Range: 4,026 nm

Embraer Praetor 600

Embraer Praetor 600

  • Capacity: 8-12
  • Cabin Size (H/W/L): 6 ft/6 ft/26 ft
  • Cruise Speed: 536 mph
  • Range: 4,018 nm

Gulfstream G280

Gulfstream G280

  • Capacity: 8
  • Cabin Size (H/W/L): 6.3 ft/6.1 ft/25 ft
  • Cruise Speed: 487 ktas
  • Range: 3,600 nm

Falcon 50EX

Falcon 50EX

  • Capacity: 9
  • Cabin Size (H/W/L): 5.9 ft/6.1 ft/23.5 ft
  • Cruise Speed: 481 ktas
  • Range: 3,200 nm

Legacy 450

Legacy 450

  • Capacity: up to 9 passengers
  • Cabin Size (H/W/L): 6 ft/6.1 ft/24 ft
  • Cruise Speed: 467 kts
  • Range: 2,900 nm

Praetor 500

Praetor 500

  • Capacity: up to 8
  • Cabin Size (H/W/L): 6 ft/6.1 ft/24 ft
  • Cruise Speed: 536 mph
  • Range: 3,000 nm

Cessna Citation Longitude

Cessna Citation Longitude

  • Capacity: 8-12
  • Cabin Size (H/W/L): 72 in/77 in/25 ft 2 in
  • Cruise Speed: 556 mph
  • Range: 3,500 nautical miles

Cessna Citation Latitude exterior

Citation Latitude

  • Capacity: up to 9 pax
  • Cabin Size (L/H/W): 21.9 ft/6 ft/6.4 ft
  • Cruise Speed: 513 mph
  • Range: 2,850 nm

Challenger 350 exterior

Challenger 350

  • Capacity: up to 9 pax
  • Cabin Size (L/H/W): 6 ft/7 ft/25 ft
  • Cruise Speed: 541 (Mach 0.83)
  • Range: 3200 nm

The typical seating for super mid jets is between eight to ten passengers. The length of the cabin ranges from 23 to 28 feet, with a width that typically ranges from three to seven feet and a height that is between five and six feet. It features a large stand-up club-style cabin. In most models, the cabin also features a forward wardrobe, a full refreshment center, and inflight entertainment. The private full washrooms, located in the rear of the plane, are big enough to double as a private dressing room, equipped with a closet to store garment bags.

Super Mid jets have a large baggage capacity, with space for several handbags, suitcases, and athletic equipment, like golf bags, skis, or snowboards. On specified models, the baggage area is temperature-controlled for more sensitive luggage and is accessible throughout the flight. Some also feature a space where passengers can stow carry-on items inside the cabin.