ACMI Lease

ACMI LeaseMonarch Air Group provides ACMI leases for rotary and fixed wing aircraft. Our operations span the globe, with an emphasis in Africa, South America, and the Middle East.

We specialize in remote, rugged and hostile regions and provide dedicated aircraft and airlift support for a variety of operations including cargo and passenger transportation; medevac and air ambulance; emergency evacuation; firefighting; mining, logging and offshore oil rig support; aerial mapping and surveillance; search-and-rescue and air ambulance; and humanitarian aid.

Our industry experience and personalized boots-on-the-ground approach have rewarded us with a repeat clientele of demanding end users including the United Nations, the U.S. DOD, the Canadian DND and major defense contractors. Through a network of subsidiaries, our current projects include over 30 Mil-8MTV ACMI leases in Afghanistan and Africa; Mil-8MTV ACMI leases in Sudan and Ethiopia; aircraft operations throughout the Caribbean; and long-term leases of STOL aircraft in Africa.

We offer lucrative ACMI leases on Mi-171, Ka-32, Mi-8MTV, Mi-8T, Mi-26, An-12, An-26, An-32B and An-28 aircraft.

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What Is an ACMI Lease?

A – Aircraft. The vendor provides the aircraft fully equipped and at an airworthy condition at an agreed upon location.
C – Crew. The vendor provides all flight and maintenance crews as required in the operating manuals and FAA regulations.
M – Maintenance. Vendor is responsible for the safe operational condition of the aircraft.
I – Insurance. Vendor provides minimum agreed-upon insurance. All additional coverage (war risk, third party liability, etc.) are at the cost of the client.The client is responsible for all other expenses, including but not limited to crew accommodations; aircraft parking and ramp fees; overflight permits and royalties; fuel, etc.