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Kentucky Derby Private Jet Facts by Monarch Air Group

It is never too early to look ahead to the most exciting two minutes in sports. The Kentucky Derby on the first Saturday in May is America’s longest-running continually held sporting event (since 1875). Roughly 150,000 spectators gather at Churchill Downs to watch the 1.25 miles race. And they come More […]

First Class vs. Private Jets: Who Has the Edge?

Sometimes dismissed by many beforehand as being too expensive, private jets will usually make you save money in the long run, especially if you were already considering purchasing a first class ticket. Here are the most common factors you need to weigh before you make your decision. Price A standard More […]

Private Jets: The Go-To Option During Super Bowl LIII

Although Super Bowl LIII is roughly 6 weeks away, it is never too early to advise those attending for the first time to the grand event that turmoil will take the streets of Atlanta, the host city. From an aviation perspective, the game draws hundreds of private aircraft to the More […]

Why On-Demand Turboprop Charters Are on the Rise

There is a good chance your next private flight will be on a turboprop. According to ARGUS TRAQpak report, during 2017 turboprops registered an 8.0% increase in activity compared to a 4.9% rise in small cabin jets. Why is this noteworthy? Both types of aircraft have similar features in short-haul More […]

Art Basel Miami Beach 2018 via Private Jet

Just weeks away from South Florida’s largest international art festival, Art Basel Miami Beach 2018, an event projected to receive over 75,000 people during December 6-9, due to its location, features a unique offer of private jet airports less than 30 miles away from the Miami Beach Convention Center. The More […]

5 Future Trends of the Private Aviation Market

Present trends in the business aviation market are constantly tied with the digitalization of the industry, an increase in aircraft availability and how consumers are shifting the way they relate to this service, with cost-efficiency as the main driver instead of pure luxury and celebrity-esque vibes. While all the previous More […]

The Ultimate Luxury Travel Experience: The Macallan Masters Journey

Imagine it: A private jet sits on the runway at Teterboro Airport, awaiting your arrival. You climb on board and take flight, the gray, frigid winter fading into the background as you soar toward the warmth of Miami, Florida. Aboard the luxury aircraft sit bottles of some of the finest More […]

Monarch Air Group Provides Relief Efforts During Hurricane Michael

Monarch Air Group Is Ready to Provide Hurricane Michael Airlift Support Hurricane Michael made landfall in the Florida Panhandle on Wednesday and was classified a category 4 storm, the strongest the area has seen in over 40 years. Though it has since been downgraded to tropical storm classification, the area More […]

7 Most Amazing Airports around the World

If you had a bad relationship with an airport in the past and you think all airports are the same, read on. Here is the list of the most amazing airports in the world. Airports can be interesting and no delayed flight can spoil your mood because there are tons More […]

Private Aviation 2.0: Transparency and Accessibility Are Today’s Luxuries

The perception of private aviation is massively changing at a global scale. There are plenty of variables that contribute to this shift; from commercial aviation’s unreliable service in some regions to a technology-fueled customer experience, this thriving market seems to have its best days still ahead. Monarch Air Group, a More […]