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Privacy at 40,000 Feet: Business Aviation’s Finest Attribute

There are few places where a person can remain completely private from check-in to check-out. It’s called private aviation for a reason, and although a growing number of new travelers have been coveted by its experience, there are others; celebrities, top rated athletes and politicians, that use it in order More […]

Why Small Companies Are Opting to Fly Private

Time is arguably the most valuable commodity across industries. How a business can achieve, in less time, the delivery of a product, service, or the manufacturing of a good, without undermining quality, will be the building block for success. And this is the case for small, medium and large corporations; More […]

Accessibility of Private Jet Charters Is an Undisputed Truth

Traveling by private jet is not what it used to be. And in a good way. The availability of private jet charters today is greater than ever and, more importantly, the access has skyrocketed. The reasons are plenty; a more educated clientele, increased necessity of swifter travel and lower prices, More […]

Flying Private with Pets

Tragically, every year there are dozens of pets being lost, injured or killed during commercial flights. One incident was recently reported by USA Today when a dog flying on a United Airlines flight died after being put in the overhead bin compartment by a flight attendant, and another United Airlines More […]

Private Jet Charters: The Need to Go Digital in a Fast-Paced World

There was a day when picking up the phone to book a jet was the norm. Today, more than ever, clients are purchasing different products and services online or through a digital app, and whatever business willing to survive needs to adapt to that trend. Things are no different in More […]

5 Great US Golf Destinations Accessible by Private Jet

Golf, unlike most games played with a ball, does not utilize an even playing field and the varied forms of terrain encountered during the course of the game is a key part of the challenge and game itself. With early forms of golf being traced back to 100 BC of More […]

5 Beautiful Destinations Only Accessible by Private Jet

Traveling by private jet is the epitome of luxury travel. Whether you want to charter a private jet for a family of 7 or explore the beautiful coastal scenery in a remote destination with your other half, traveling by private jet is often the only way to do that and More […]

Fly Monarch Air Group to the Miami Open

From the royal courts of England and France to the purple courts of the Miami Open, the game of tennis is embarked in history and tradition. The precise origins of the sport are greatly disputed, with some historians dating it back to Ancient Egypt where pictures depict a kind of More […]

Private Aviation for the Family: Flexibility and Quality Time Onboard

Preparing a family trip, at any level, can be hard work. The luggage, arranging the ground transportation to the airport, getting there three hours before the flight, booking for accommodation just to name a few challenges. Traveling with more than one child and even a pet? Good luck trying to More […]

New to BizAv? What you need to know before jumping onboard

Today, more than ever, private aviation is a business decision. Businesses today thrive on cost and time effectiveness, so having the flexibility to literally travel whenever and wherever is paramount for the long-term success of a company. Monthly, hundreds of new travelers are experiencing the amenities of business aviation; top More […]