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Sustainable Fuel, What does that even mean

It seems a big topic and a controversial topic in the news now is are private jets causing unneeded pollution. For every person that echos the magnificence of private aviation there is another chanting their opposition. Even with the aviation industry as a whole making strides to combat the pollution More […]

AirBus pushing to introduce flying taxis by 2021

In the most recent years, we have seen a transition and a rapid change in which clientele can order their private transport. Popular Apps that have blown up in the last few years, like Uber are available in 76 countries across the world and ensure that with a few clicks More […]

Comparing Private Aviation to Commercial Travel

With everyone’s schedule becoming more and more rigid, more frequent fliers are looking to private aviation to fulfill their travel needs. While commercial travel has its benefits, such as rock bottom prices, it leaves many customers asking, “Isn’t there a better way to travel?” The answer is of course, a More […]

Helicopter Charter in the Bahamas, to support the relief efforts post Hurricane Dorian

Monarch Air Group is able to provide helicopters and other air assets to assist with the evacuation and resupply efforts. During and post significant natural disaster, as well as political instability, the utilization of helicopters is often the only way to reach remote areas. The vast power of the hurricane More […]

What Taxes Do You Pay When You Charter a Jet

You may notice that your account manager will inform you that all taxes are included in your all inclusive charter cost here at Monarch Air Group. Well, what does that mean exactly? What taxes are you paying? The answer is there is taxes that are applicable to every charter that More […]

Private Air Charter to Assist the Evacuation efforts from Hurricane Dorian

Monarch Air Group provides private jet charter to support residents in the path of the storm that choose to evacuate from Hurricane Dorian. With commercial traffic being overwhelmed and the airports slammed, many residents turn to private aviation to provide a reliable solution. Our 24/7 operations team is an experienced More […]

Discover Tlingit Culture in Kake, Alaska

Kake is a small village and home to about 500 residents, the majority of whom are Tlingit ancestry. The name translates in Tlingit to “mouth of the dawn” or “opening of daylight”. The Kake tribe of Tlingits have inhabited this region in Alaska for thousands of years. They’ve largely maintained More […]

Discover Three California Coastal Cities

California has more than 800 miles of coastline, ranging from wide sandy beaches, rocky shorelines to steep cliffs. One of the most popular states for leisure travelers, California hosts more than 250 million visitors each year. From the modern culinary culture of San Francisco, the rugged scenic coastlines of Monterey More […]

5 trends impacting the evolution of private jet travel

From accessibility to consumer behavior, business aviation actors are focusing on new traits in their constant seek for the ultimate flight experience. Technology is changing the world. Every industry has adopted new technological advances to make their processes more cost efficient and with increased levels of engagement with the customer. More […]

5 Advantages of Choosing a Super Midsize Jet for Your Next Private Charter

Super Midsize jets were designed by aircraft manufacturers to offer business jet travelers value—a combination of the speed, range and cabin amenities of Heavy jets and the lower operating costs of lighter jets. When chartering your next private flight, consider some of these advantages of the Super Midsize class: Speed: More […]