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36 Hours in Santiago: Five Winery Experiences for Private Jet Travelers

Top Destinations by Private Jet in Chile’s Wine Country Chile is a destination for wine lovers. The country’s diverse wine-growing regions encompass over 1,000 miles along its 2,700-mile-long coast with elevations up to 7,000 feet, making it especially well suited to private jet travel. Below we explore the attributes of More […]

How To Select Your Air Charter Broker

Why A Relationship Driven Approach Yields the Best Private Jets and Pricing Selecting a charter broker is a step every private flyer takes before starting their experience in the world of private aviation. Like buying a car, or figuring out which college one should attend, choosing a charter broker who More […]

Can Flying By Private Jet Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus?

How Private Air Charters Minimize Contact with Crowds and the COVID-19 Coronavirus. Despite attempts to contain the highly contagious coronavirus to China and Asia, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that the continued increase in the number of cases and the number of affected countries “are clearly of concern.” Additional More […]

Types of Companies That Benefit from the Use of Private Jets

Why Private Air Charters Are Used Across a Variety of Industries, Government and Business Sizes When thinking about the uses for private charters, one may assume that business travel would be leading reason why company executives would charter an aircraft. This is correct; business travel is one of the leading More […]

Charter a Private Jet to the Hawaiian Islands

Say “Aloha” to Paradise in Style with an on-demand private jet charter to Hawaii If you are planning to treat your family to a Hawaiian vacation, Monarch Air Group provides convenient non-stop private charters to Hawaii’s top destinations from airports on the mainland. From the moment your privately chartered jet More […]

What are the Best Food Choices on your Private Jet Charter

Finding the Right Catering for your Private Jet Flight Based on Aircraft, Galley Configurations and Taste Private jet catering ranges from snack trays to takeout from top chefs to fast food and beyond. There are many amenities that can be arranged onboard your private jet charter that you booked on More […]

What airports to fly into for this years super bowl

Private Jet Airports in South Florida This year’s Super Bowl will be held at Hard Rock Stadium near Miami, Florida, meaning air traffic flying into South Florida will be quite congested. With time slots being assigned and TFRs (Temporary Flight Restrictions) put in place, navigating your travel can be very More […]

How extreme weather increases demand for private jet charters

We hear it in the news on a yearly basis. Bad weather is hitting harder and more regularly than ever on every corner of the globe. Whether climate change is a natural process or man-made, or a mixture of both, the truth is this shifting ecosystem is making humans create More […]

5 Benefits of Flying Non-Stop in a Private Jet

Whether you fly private for business or pleasure, a privately chartered flight offers flexibility and timesaving conveniences unmatched by commercial jetliners. And when it comes to time savings, non-stop flights are one of the perks of flying private. A private jet charter can be matched to suit almost any travel More […]

Private Jet Charter to San Diego’s Torrey Pines Golf Course

San Diego’s southern location on the Pacific Coast is ideal for leisure travelers seeking the warm welcome of California sunshine. San Diego has some of the most beautiful beaches and bays in the U.S. Visitors who seek a taste of the chic Southern California lifestyle infused with European charm enjoy More […]

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