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Monarch Air Group Provides Relief Efforts During Hurricane Michael

Monarch Air Group Is Ready to Provide Hurricane Michael Airlift Support Hurricane Michael made landfall in the Florida Panhandle on Wednesday and was classified a category 4 storm, the strongest the area has seen in over 40 years. Though it has since been downgraded to tropical storm classification, the area More […]

7 Most Amazing Airports around the World

If you had a bad relationship with an airport in the past and you think all airports are the same, read on. Here is the list of the most amazing airports in the world. Airports can be interesting and no delayed flight can spoil your mood because there are tons More […]

Private Aviation 2.0: Transparency and Accessibility Are Today’s Luxuries

The perception of private aviation is massively changing at a global scale. There are plenty of variables that contribute to this shift; from commercial aviation’s unreliable service in some regions to a technology-fueled customer experience, this thriving market seems to have its best days still ahead. Monarch Air Group, a More […]

Travel Etiquette You Should Know

Although the world may seem small thanks to private jets, that does not mean one cannot avoid faux pas when traveling. Different expectations and customs can lead to embarrassing situations instead of fond memories to look forward to. Take advantage of this cheat sheet before booking a flight so you More […]

Flying to America? The Value of Chartering a Private Jet Locally

Relying on local market knowledge is paramount when resources are limited and time is of the essence. Companies seeking to grow internationally, first need a thorough market research to understand consumer behavior, culture, policies, and entry barriers, within other variables. Traveling abroad on a private jet is rather similar, with More […]

Spend a Weekend in Tulum, Mexico by Private Jet

Mexico. What comes to mind when you hear this name? Its vivid Mayan history? Authentic Mesoamerican cuisine? The weather which varies between warm or hot all year long? Tulum, Mexico has all that plus more when one visits this municipality. Expect sunny beaches, water-based activities and historical ruins in Tulum, More […]

Private Jet and Air Charter Solutions for Disaster Relief and Resupply

As an experienced air charter provider, operating in the Caribbean and Southeastern US since 2006, Monarch Air Group provides air charter solutions for passengers and cargo affected by natural disasters. Be they hurricanes, floods or earthquakes, we are proficient in pre-disaster evacuations, post storm resupply and subsequent medical evacuations. We More […]

6 European Destinations Only by Private Jet

Oh, Europe… So many places to visit, so many options. Paris for starters, the love capital of the world that almost everyone has heard of. Or, what about Rome, the center of the Roman Empire? London, Brussels, Amsterdam, Madrid, Berlin, Moscow, and the list goes on. What do all these More […]

Private Aviation’s Ground Handling Requirements

Ground handling is pretty much standard wherever you go in commercial aviation. Line personnel in Guarulhos Airport in Sao Paulo, Brazil follow the same rules and procedures than those in Manchester Airport in the UK. Regulations in aviation, as you know, speak one same language. But what happens in the More […]

Explore Zurich by Private Jet

Famous for being a tax haven and one of Europe’s most powerful financial capital’s, Zurich is a city that has a beautiful lakefront and exquisite views of the Alps. The city is known to be a walking city, with world-class shopping, quality hotels and a range of upscale restaurants offering More […]