5 Islands to Explore in French Polynesia by Private Jet

French Polynesia, also known as The Islands of Tahiti, is made up of 118 islands and atolls spread across more than one thousand miles of ocean between California and Australia in the South Pacific Ocean. The most visited islands in French Polynesia, including Bora Bora, are in an archipelago referred to as the Society Islands.

On the serene tropical islands of French Polynesia, private jet travelers have access to a wide range of leisure activities. Emerald mountains, lush tropical flora and fauna, and cascading waterfalls are just a few examples of French Polynesia’s stunning natural features that await visitors. A short distance from island shores, snorkelers, and scuba divers will find French Polynesia’s underwater seascapes teeming with hundreds of species of marine life, including pristine coral reefs.

Below, we have curated five island destinations that offer authentic Polynesian experiences along with top-performing private jets available to take you and your guests to the island of your choice in privacy, comfort, and style.

5 Best French Polynesia Islands to Visit by Private Jet

5 Best French Polynesia Islands to Visit by Private Jet

1. Bora Bora

Known as French Polynesia’s most celebrated island, the exceptionally beautiful scenery of Bora Bora makes a lasting impression on each visitor who steps foot on the island. The focal point of Bora Bora’s breathtaking landscape is Mount Otemanu. Fringed by coral reefs, this emerald mountain is an extinct volcano that rises 2,400 ft. (0.73 km) above the island’s blue lagoon.

Bora Bora’s upscale accommodations include private overwater bungalows where guests can spend quiet evenings dining beneath the star-filled Polynesian sky and relaxing in the seclusion of a private plunge pool. During the day, visitors can indulge in luxurious spa treatments, shop or explore the diversity of marine life in the underwater world of Bora Bora’s expansive coral reef ecosystem where cauliflower, elkhorn, and finger corals thrive. So, in other words, chartering a private jet to Bora Bora will ensure that your vacation will be a pleasurable one.

On island reefs, snorkelers and divers can spot blacktip, grey, lemon, and hammerhead sharks. Each afternoon, graceful manta rays congregate in the lagoon alongside stingrays and spotted eagle rays. Between August and November, vacationers in Bora Bora can see humpback whales. Each year the whales migrate from their feeding grounds in Antarctica to the warm, nutrient-rich waters of French Polynesia to breed, give birth and rear their offspring.

2. Moorea

The heart-shaped island of Moorea attracts visitors with the allure of white sand beaches and an emerald lagoon. On Moorea’s northeastern coast, the village of Maharepa is an ideal setting for private jet travelers to enjoy island life from the comfort of a private beachfront house. With a private jet to Moorea, just steps away from luxury accommodations, visitors can dine, shop and stroll through this quaint island neighborhood.

A food tour with a local guide offers food connoisseurs an opportunity to learn about the origin of authentic Polynesian cuisine. During the tour, guests can select from a variety of traditional dishes prepared with recipes handed down over generations. Dishes served in Moorea’s markets, and restaurants are infused with French, Chinese, and Polynesian cultural traditions and served with welcoming island hospitality.

3. Raiatea

As the cradle of Polynesia, the island of Raiatea is culturally and spiritually significant to several cultures. The great Polynesian migration to colonize Hawaii and New Zealand is said to have started on Raiatea. Today, the island is considered a spiritual destination for many people.

Charter a private jet to Raiatea, so you can choose from activities that include snorkeling in turquoise waters over vibrant coral reefs or spending a quiet afternoon picnicking on a secluded white sand beach. Nature enthusiasts can opt to take a guided kayak tour through the island’s interior on the Faaroa River. Kayakers can learn about the geologic history of the island while journeying on the river at an unhurried pace surrounded by Raiatea’s scenic tropical forest.

4. Rangiroa

Divers regard Rangiroa as an ecological paradise and one of the best diving spots in French Polynesia because it is the second-largest coral atoll in the world. More than 240 small islands, also referred to as islets, surround Rangiroa’s large lagoon. The lagoon end of Tiputa Pass is a popular location for snorkeling and is a no-fishing zone. The area is known as “The Aquarium” by locals due to a large number of fish that can be seen here since fishing has been prohibited. Feel free to book a private jet to Rangiroa and hit the road.

From Tiputa Pass, divers can drift effortlessly on an ocean current into the depths of the blue lagoon where they can spot resident dolphins and several other marine species. In the village of Tiputa, visitors will find an array of art galleries, bakeries, and other small shops nestled on village streets.

Centuries ago, Tahitian royalty wore black pearls. In modern times, Tahitian black pearls are still one of the most sought-after treasures in French Polynesia. Visitors can take a private tour of a black pearl farm on Rangiroa to learn how local farmers harvest these marvels of nature sustainably. Inside the store, visitors will find a selection of pearls in an array of colors including blue, green, peacock, purple, and silver.

5. Tahiti

Tahiti is the largest and most populated island in French Polynesia. Visitors are drawn to Tahiti’s natural features that include black-sand beaches, blue lagoons and picturesque waterfalls. Tahiti Nui, the western section of Tahiti, has three extinct volcanic mountains that attract hikers from around the world with astonishing scenery. The tallest mountain, Mount Orohena, has an elevation of 2,241 meters (7,352 ft.) above sea level. According to members of a local hiking club, Tahiti’s second-highest mountain, Mount Aorai, has some of the most scenic views in the world. A favorite subject of photographers, the crown-shaped remnants of Tahiti’s other extinct volcano form the dramatic peaks of Le Diadème.

Tahiti’s scenic Papenoo Valley was formed by the Papenoo River. The river flows for twenty miles through the heart of Tahiti Nui. In addition to its urban attractions, the hiking trails of Papenoo Valley offer access to some of the island’s most dramatic scenery, including canyon vistas, and the only access point to Mount Orohena’s volcanic crater.

Located on the northwest coast of Tahiti, Papeete is the capital city of French Polynesia. In this lively urban center, with a private jet to Tahiti, leisure travelers can enjoy a stroll along the bustling waterfront to take in the sights and sounds of daily Tahitian life.

Le Marché market is a short stroll from Papeete’s waterfront. At this municipal market, shoppers can purchase handcrafted souvenirs and produce grown on the island including bananas, breadfruit, coconut, vanilla beans and Tahitian chestnuts. Pareos, the vibrant hand-painted sarongs that Polynesian women typically wear, are popular handicrafts for sale at the market.

What airport should I use for my flight to French Polynesia?

All flights to French Polynesia arrive at Faa’a International Airport on the island of Tahiti. Your privately chartered aircraft will arrive and depart at this airport.

  1. Faa’a International Airport (NTAA), also known as Tahiti International Airport, is the international airport of French Polynesia. The airport is on the island of Tahiti.
  2. Bora Bora Airport (NTTB), also known as Motu Mute Airport, serves the island of Bora Bora. It is located on the islet of Motu Mute.
  3. Moorea Airport (NTTM), also known as Moorea Temae Airport, serves the island of Moorea. The airport is located 4 nautical miles (7.5 km) northeast of Afareitu, the island’s main village.
  4. Raiatea Airport (NTTR), also known as Uturoa Airport, is in the village of Uturoa.
  5. Rangiroa Airport (NTTG) is located on the northwestern edge of the atoll, 3.5 miles (5.5 km) southeast of Avatoru.

What type of aircraft should I use for my private charter flight to French Polynesia

What type of aircraft should I use for my private charter flight to French Polynesia?

A private jet from New York, Houston, or Los Angeles can be matched according to a custom itinerary for your stay in French Polynesia. Charter flights to this destination typically operate using heavy aircraft.

1. Gulfstream G650

New York to French Polynesia (EWR – NTAA):

  • Distance: 5,451 nautical miles (10,102 km);
  • Miles: 6,277 miles;
  • Flight Time: 14 hrs 1 min;

Gulfstream’s G650 is a fast, reliable business jet that provides one of the most efficient charter options available for the transcontinental flight to French Polynesia. During the daytime, passengers can work productively in the G650’s comfortable cabin atmosphere enhanced by natural lighting from sixteen windows. The G650’s cabin can carry up to 19 passengers and sleep up to 10.

2. Dassault Falcon 8x

Houston to French Polynesia (HOU – NTAA):

  • Distance: 4,229 nautical miles (7,838 km);
  • Miles: 4,870 miles;
  • Flight Time: 10 hrs 35 mins.

The Dassault Falcon 8x features the longest cabin in the Falcon fleet. The powerful performance of this business jet’s triple-engine design seamlessly connects continents with an ultra-long range of 6,450 nautical miles. This adaptable jet is designed to meet the most exacting charter requirements with more than 30 available seating configurations to choose from. Flying over land or sea, passengers stay connected during flight with Dassault’s FalconCabin HD+ cabin management system.

3. Cessna Citation Hemisphere

Los Angeles to French Polynesia (LAX – NTAA):

  • Distance: 3,568 nautical miles (6,612 km);
  • Miles: 4,108 miles;
  • Flight Time: 8 hrs 50 mins.

The Citation Hemisphere three-zone cabin arrangement offers the roomiest cabin in its class. Privacy zones allow passengers to hold meetings, work productively or catch up on much-needed rest. Six interior cabin design variations are influenced by the natural world with warm or cool color palettes and organic fabrics, shapes, and textures.

In conclusion, no matter which island you choose to enjoy in French Polynesia, a professional charter coordinator will ensure your privately chartered flight experience is flawless. Heavy jets include spacious cabins with zones configured to optimize each passenger’s private flight experience, including natural lighting, full-service dining, and digital entertainment accessed through an intuitive cabin management system. An on-demand private charter to the natural paradise of French Polynesia will have you and your guests toasting this trip for years to come.

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