Is chartering a private aircraft cheaper than flying commercial?

In a word: NO.
Private aviation, usually, cannot compete in price with the airline industry. Private charter allows you to reach remote destinations, avoid TSA agents and busy terminals, lost baggage, and cancelled flights but it has a cost associated with it.

Does Monarch Air Group have Google Chrome extension?

Yes. For our client we have developed Google Chrome Extension, which you can download for free – Monarch Air Group Extension.

What is an empty leg flight?

An empty leg flight occurs when a private jet is booked for a one-way flight and has to return to its base for repositioning but has no passengers for the return flight.

How do I get to my jet charter flight?

To get to your jet charter flight with Monarch Air Group, you’ll typically start by contacting our customer service or visiting the website to request a quote or make a reservation. Once you’ve selected your desired aircraft and flight details, we will coordinate with you to determine the departure airport and arrange ground transportation if needed. Our experienced staff will assist you throughout the process to ensure a smooth and comfortable journey.

How quickly can I book a private jet charter?

The speed at which you can book a private jet charter with Monarch Air Group depends on various factors such as aircraft availability, destination, and scheduling. In some cases, you may be able to book a private jet charter within a few hours or on the same day if there is an available aircraft and crew.

However, it’s advisable to plan and book your private jet charter in advance to secure your preferred aircraft and departure time, especially during peak travel seasons or for specific destinations. Monarch Air Group’s team can provide accurate booking timelines and availability information based on your specific requirements, ensuring a seamless and timely booking process.

Can I Charter a Private Jet to Tour Several Cities?

Yes, Monarch Air Group offers private jet charter services for multi-city tours. You can customize your itinerary to visit several cities and travel at your own pace without having to worry about commercial flight schedules or connections. With a private jet charter, you have the flexibility to create a personalized travel experience that suits your specific needs and preferences. Contact Monarch Air Group to discuss your multi-city travel plans and get a quote for your private jet charter.

How Does a One-Way Flight Differ from an Empty Leg?

One-way flights go directly from one destination to another without passengers or cargo for the return trip. Empty legs are flights without passengers or cargo used for repositioning or returning to the home base. These flights may be cheaper for passengers, but they’re not always available or may not align with desired travel plans.

What Is the Definition of De-Icing?

The accumulation of ice on the wings, tail, and other surfaces can affect the aircraft’s performance, weight, and balance, which can compromise safety. De-icing in private aviation is the process of removing ice, snow, and frost from the aircraft’s external surfaces to ensure safe takeoff. It involves spraying warm water and de-icing fluid mixture onto the aircraft’s surfaces to melt the ice and prevent it from reforming. This safety procedure is crucial as it ensures the safety of the flight by minimizing the risk of accidents caused by ice buildup.

What Are the Departure and Arrival Airports You Operate From?

Private jet charter rules and runway requirements vary depending on the airport and aircraft chosen. Customs airport is necessary for international flights, and runway size differs between airports, with some accommodating larger jets. Monarch Air Group arranges airports close to your destination. Private jet service allows for landing and departing closer to your desired location than commercial flights.

What Documentation Is Required for My Flight?

Documentation requirements for private flights with Monarch Air Group can vary based on the passengers, flight nature, and destination. Passengers should hold a government-issued photo ID, such as a passport or driver’s license. Additional documentation, such as visas or travel permits, may be required for international flights.

Monarch Air Group’s aviation experts can assist with necessary paperwork and permits and provide guidance on required documentation. It is crucial to ensure all required documentation is complete to prevent flight delays or cancellations.

What Happens After I Confirm My Flight Booking?

Upon confirming your private flight reservation with Monarch Air Group, a confirmation email containing essential information, such as the flight itinerary, aircraft model, and departure/arrival schedules, will be sent to you. Monarch Air Group’s team of aviation specialists will also provide ongoing support and assistance in the lead-up to your flight, including arranging catering, ground transportation, and any other necessary services.

On the day of your flight, you will be greeted by Monarch Air Group’s professional staff and escorted to your private aircraft. During the flight, you will have access to premium amenities and personalized service. After landing, Monarch Air Group can assist with ground transportation and other services to ensure a seamless travel experience.

What Constitutes a Qualified Flight Crew?

A qualified flight crew comprises a captain, also known as the pilot-in-command, and a co-pilot, also known as the first officer. Both must hold the appropriate licenses and certifications from the FAA or their respective regulatory agency. They must also have significant experience and training in operating a particular type of aircraft. Additional personnel, such as flight attendants or maintenance technicians, may also be included in the flight crew, depending on the complexity of the flight.

Are There Wi-Fi, High-Speed Internet, Flight Phones, and Entertainment Options Available on Private Jets?

Yes, Monarch Air Group offers Wi-Fi and high-speed internet on private jets, along with flight phones and entertainment options such as in-flight movies, music, and satellite TV. The specific amenities available may vary depending on the aircraft and the customer’s preferences, so it’s recommended to discuss these options with Monarch Air Group when booking a private jet.

How Do I Determine Which Aircraft is Suitable for My Needs?

When selecting the suitable aircraft for your private charter flight, take into account the number of passengers, distance, speed, cabin comfort, budget, and purpose of the flight. Consult with the Monarch Air Group managers for recommendations based on your specific needs. They will help you compare options and find the best aircraft at a competitive price.

Is There a Dress Code Aboard a Private Jet?

Although there are no strict dress codes for private jet travel, it is important to dress appropriately for the occasion and the people you are traveling with. Casual clothing like jeans and t-shirts are acceptable for flights with family and friends.

However, for business trips or when flying with clients, it’s best to dress in business attire. Additionally, it is recommended for women to wear comfortable footwear such as low heels or flats, as the movement of the aircraft during flight can make it difficult to maintain balance.

Can I Smoke on a Private Jet?

Indeed, smoking is generally allowed on private jets as part of the personalized experience that is tailored to meet the needs of individual clients.

Are There Restrooms on the Aircraft?

Yes, all aircraft are equipped with private restrooms. The size and type of the restroom may vary depending on the aircraft model.

Can I Bring My Pets on the Flight?

Yes, Monarch Air Group allows pets on private flights, subject to certain restrictions and requirements. Passengers are advised to inform Monarch Air Group in advance if they plan to bring a pet on board and to ensure that they comply with all relevant regulations and documentation requirements. Furthermore, passengers should note that extra charges may be incurred for bringing their pets on board.

How Much Luggage Can I Take On Board A Private Jet?

The baggage compartment sizes and weight limitations vary across aircraft types. For your safety and convenience, your luggage will be stored in either the aft or nose of the aircraft. For a comfortable travel experience, it is important to notify us in advance of the expected weight and size of your baggage and that of your guests.

Soft-sided baggage is recommended if you want to maximize the number of items you can carry. If you have items that are either oversized or fragile, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll be happy to assist you in exploring the available options.

How Many People Can I Invite to Travel with Me in a Private Jet?

The number of passengers that can be accommodated on a private jet depends on the size and type of aircraft. Some smaller private jets can carry 4-6 passengers, while larger models can accommodate up to 20 or more passengers. It’s best to discuss your specific travel needs with our consultant, who can help you select an aircraft that can comfortably accommodate your desired number of passengers.

What Is the Procedure in the Event of Inclement Weather?

In the event of inclement weather affecting your private flight with Monarch Air Group, the aviation specialists will closely monitor weather conditions and keep you informed of any changes or delays. In case of adverse weather conditions, the Monarch Air Group team will collaborate with you to reschedule the flight or modify the itinerary, prioritizing the safety of all passengers and crew. Sometimes canceling the flight may be the only feasible choice. At Monarch Air Group, safety is the foremost priority, and the team takes all necessary measures to ensure a secure and enjoyable flight.