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– Under what permits and authorizations does Monarch Air Group operate?

Monarch Air Group is licensed by the Federal Aviation Authority to conduct on demand air charters under FAR 135.

– Is chartering a private aircraft cheaper than flying commercial?

In a word: NO.
Private aviation, usually, cannot compete in price with the airline industry. Private charter allows you to reach remote destinations, avoid TSA agents and busy terminals, lost baggage and cancelled flights but it has a cost associated with it.

– What is aircraft management?

When an individual or a corporation owns an aircraft for private use it is operated under FAR (Federal Aviation Regulations) part 91. This allows the owner to conduct air charters for personal use, without being compensated for it. He is also required to maintain the aircraft, is liable for parking fees, insurance, crew pay and other expenses. However, he cannot generate revenue from his aircraft.
By aircraft management Monarch Air Group lowers the fixed and operating costs of maintaining an aircraft AND generates revenue.
Generating Revenue:
Monarch Air Group operates under FAR 135, which allows us to collect revenue from charters. Once the managed aircraft is placed on Monarch’s operating certificate we can than place it on the charter market. Our dedicated sales team provides a healthy backbone for this.
Lowering Cost:
Simple economies of scale allow us to lower the fixed and variable expenses. Having a fleet of over 8 aircraft allows us to negotiate better fuel rates, parking terms, insurance premiums etc.

– Does Monarch Air Group have Google Chrome extension?
Yes. For our client we have developed Google Chrome Extension, which you can download for free – Monarch Air Group Extension.