TOP 8 Private Jet Airports near Las Vegas

TOP 8 Private Jet Airports near Las VegasLas Vegas, one of the most popular private jet destinations in the United States, attracts business and leisure travelers every year. Local private airports in Las Vegas are perfectly equipped to land Las Vegas jets of various sizes. Monarch Air Group offers exquisite services, safe travel, and personalized customer care to ensure you enjoy a private flight to Las Vegas.

Private Jet Flights to Las Vegas

Flying via private jet to Vegas remains the most luxurious and comfortable travel due to several advantages. We offer a personalized service so you can determine your destination and flight times and choose a landing spot as close to your destination as possible. Our team is always on call to help you plan your next charter to Las Vegas.

Airports for private jets to Las Vegas

If you are arranging a renting a private jet to Las Vegas, the most convenient airport for you is McCarran International Airport (LAS). It has its terminal for private jets and a wide range of VIP services for business. However, other options exist in the state for landing private jets in Las Vegas. Therefore, we suggest you get acquainted with private airports in Las Vegas, which are ready to accept private jets.

1. McCarran International Airport (LAS)

McCarran International Airport is located 5 miles from downtown Las Vegas and is the leading international airport in Paradise, Nevada. In addition, the central government airport for public use in the region is perfectly equipped to serve Las Vegas charter jets.

Las Vegas private jet passengers at LAS are provided with two remote FBO terminals on the opposite side of the airport’s commercial terminal. Amenities here include a variety of stores, restaurants, and services, as well as several checkpoints.

  • From the city: 5 miles south of downtown;
  • Land: 2,800 acres;
  • Number of FBOs: 2;
  • Runways: 4 (over 2,740 meters in length).

2. Henderson Executive Airport (HND)

Thirteen miles from Las Vegas is Henderson Executive Airport, a public state airport in Clark County, Nevada. It is a popular alternative for Las Vegas business jets and has a runway ideal for large aircraft. The terminal has car rentals, flight school, line services, and Landings Restaurant.

Henderson Executive Airport has a full-service FBO station. FBO services include baggage handling, after-hours security, competitive fuel prices, NATA Safety First line service, and more.

  • From the city: 13 miles south of the center;
  • Land: 760 acres;
  • Number of FBOs: 1;
  • Runways: 2 (over 1,524 meters in length).

3. North Las Vegas Airport (VGT)

North Las Vegas Airport is the Clark County Public Airport, 3 miles from downtown Las Vegas. It is the second busiest public airport in the Las Vegas area. Therefore, if you are chartering a light jet to Las Vegas, it offers the most conveniently located arrivals.

The full-service FBO at North Las Vegas Airport offers luggage assistance, ground catering, and services provided by aircraft repair stations located on the airport grounds.

  • From the city: 3 miles northwest of downtown;
  • Land: 920 acres;
  • Number of FBOs: 1;
  • Runways: 3 (over 1,281 meters in length).

4. Boulder City Municipal Airport (BLD)

Clark County is home to Boulder City Municipal Airport, a mile from Boulder City, Nevada. It is the 3rd busiest airport in the state. The airport is located southeast of Las Vegas and 5 minutes from many hotels/motels, restaurants, outdoor recreation, and parks.

Boulder City Municipal Airport has two fixed base operators (FBOs) providing competitive fuel and pilot rates. For Las Vegas private jet flights, parking, car rentals, and similar services are available.

  • From the city: 5 minutes southwest;
  • Land: 530 acres;
  • Number of FBOs: 2;
  • Runways: 2 (over 1,555 meters in length).

5. Jean Airport (├śL7)

A mile from Jean City in Clark County, Nevada, is Jean Airport, a state government public airport. It is mainly used for sports aviation, such as gliders and skydiving but is also suitable for private flights to Las Vegas.

The airport provides various services in the terminal, such as restrooms, public telephones, fuel, and parking. Moreover, the FBO station at Jean Airport offers restrooms, jet fuel, and aircraft parking.

  • From the city: approximately 31 miles from the center;
  • Land: 232 acres;
  • Number of FBOs: 1;
  • Runways: 2 (over 1,128 meters in length).

6. San Miguel Ranch Airport (NM53)

San Miguel Ranch Airport (NM53) is located 60 miles from Las Vegas. It is privately owned, so a charter jet to Las Vegas is required before landing.

NM53 airport gives you the ultimate flexibility in aircraft choice, from large luxury jets to light jets, when flying private to Las Vegas.

  • From the city: 60 miles to the east;
  • Land: 0 acres;
  • Number of FBOs: 0;
  • Runways: 1 (over 1,707 meters in length).

7. Sky Ranch Airport (3L2)

Four miles from Sandy Valley in the U.S. state of Nevada is the private, public Sky Ranch Airport (3L2). It is located next to modern hotels, making it easy to get around after landing on a charter flight to Las Vegas.

  • From the city: 50 miles on I-15 S;
  • Land: 158 acres;
  • Number of FBOs: 0;
  • Runways: 2 (over 1,006 meters in length).

8. Echo Bay Airport (K0L9)

Echo Bay Airport (K0L9) belongs to the Lake Mead National Recreation Area and is located near Echo Bay. It is located in Clark County in the U.S. state of Nevada. The airport mainly serves general aviation transit flights, so contact our experts to arrange a private jet charter to Las Vegas through Echo Bay Airport.

For a private jet flight to Echo Bay Airport, it is best to choose a high-performance turboprop or light aircraft, and you will arrive in Las Vegas in comfort.

  • From the city: about 60 miles in the southwest direction;
  • Land: 11 acres;
  • Number of FBOs: 0;
  • Runways: 1 (over 1,036 meters in length).

Each listed private airport in Las Vegas is well-suited for landing private jets of various types. We can help you decide which airport is best suited for your next trip.

Monarch Air Group has years of experience organizing private flights to Las Vegas and other destinations worldwide. Our team of charter flight experts works around the clock to meet all your private jet needs.