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Where to Land a Private Jet Between New York and Miami

If you’ve heard of Teterboro, Opa-locka or Fort Lauderdale Executive, then there’s a good chance you’ve at least considered flying private from New York to Miami (or you know someone who has!) It’s known that flying private allows you to customize departing and arriving locations due to the large amount More […]

New York to Miami: The Best Light Jets for Short Haul Routes

Whether it’s cost efficiency, luxury or comfort you’re looking for, there’s not only a private jet out there that suits your travel requirements (capacity, cabin size, price), but also a jet that matches the needs of every route. Let’s take New York to Miami as an example; Teterboro Airport to More […]

How to Fly Half Price to Sunny South Florida

Sun, beaches, city, nightlife and sports. Yes, that’s South Florida. And there’s a way to get to it by enjoying all the amenities provided by a private flight… half price. That’s right; luxury, privacy, space and top-level service included. But how? In the business aviation market, there’s a type of More […]

5 Tips for Maximizing Your Private Flight

A private flight provides luxury, absolute privacy, extreme comfort and allows you to manage your time completely, as well as the flight itinerary. But believe it or not, there are certain guidelines that can make your experience even better, especially if you are not a frequent private flyer. 1. How More […]

Flying Private to Cuba: the Challenge, the Opportunity

With the recent changes in regulations implemented by the now previous Obama administration, the Cuba market offers an interesting insight into the air charter industry and the travel industry as a whole. As of December 17th, when the ex-President published a statement announcing a change of relationship between U.S. and More […]

Monarch Air Group Projects 32% Growth by the End of 2016

An increase in celebrity and sports event segments has propelled the private airline to record figures. Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. – Ft. Lauderdale-based private airline Monarch Air continues its sustained growth. Established in 2006, the firm has registered during 2016 more flights than the previous three years combined, a fact that More […]

Easter on the East Coast: Why Flying Private Makes Sense

Everyone could imagine that Easter weekend is a busy time at every major airport in the states. Ok, agreed. But let’s take it to facts. A commercial flight from Miami to New York via Miami International to LaGuardia or John F. Kennedy airports is a three-hour flight. No news there. More […]

Private Jet Traffic: New York and Miami as the Top US Routes

Did you see that private jet taking off? There’s a good chance its final destination is New York. Seven out of the 10 most covered routes were departing to or arriving from New York, as stated by the Knight Frank’s Wealth Report. And the most popular one? Moscow to Nice. More […]

How FBOs Can Make or Break the Overall Flight Experience

Unlike commercial aviation where the time spent before and after the flight is pretty standard and doesn’t vary much depending on the class you’re flying (although better waiting lounges for business or first class), private aviation is much more than just a luxury ride in the skies. The Business aviation More […]

What Is a FBO?

So you might have heard about the amenities of flying on a private plane; luxury, privacy, and comfort. But what happens before a flight? At what place does a private passenger arrive before their flight? Well, they go to a FBO. FBO stands for Fixed Base Operator; usually, a company More […]