Emergency Relief for Philippines

White Prop AircraftMonarch Air Group is an experienced operator and service provider for air charter lift support accommodating disaster stricken areas.

Our charter teams air lift humanitarian and medical aid, supplies and personnel. Our team has worked in Haiti, Afghanistan and South Sudan.

Monarch offers fixed wing STOL aircraft as well as Rotary support in the Philippines.

Charter a private jet to and from Philippines:

Aviation Industry surprised by new Bahamian taxes

On July 1, 2013 new taxes took effect in the Bahamas affecting both the commercial and private aviation community.

All inbound and outbound flights are now being charged $75 per leg for processing fees, resulting in a total of $150 per flight in additional fees. The new processing fees are in addition to the current landing fee and Bahamian Departure taxes, and must be paid in cash.

Concern has been expressed by the airlines, as well as both charter and private aircraft operators, that there was no notification of the new tax, as well as the impact the additional fees will have on operations.

The airlines also criticized the Customs service charge for overtime for aircraft arriving after 5pm and before 9am.

Among the potential ramifications of the new fees is the consideration of air carriers to scale back their flight schedules, thus reducing the overall seating capacity to and from the Bahamas. This action could have a significant impact on Bahamas tourism in general. Those who wish to charter a private aircraft to or from the Bahamas will also realize an increase in cost, however in general the extra expense is negligible.

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Lear 60 Charter LA to MIA

Enjoy the first-rate luxury of the spacious Learjet 60 on your next LA to MIA private air charter. The redesigned interior allows you to move about freely, hold business meetings in style, and to arrive at your destination relaxed and ready to go.

Lear 60 Charter LA to MIA

With seating for up to eight passengers, this midsize jet is the perfect choice for your next coast-to-coast getaway. Offering club-style seating, a spacious lavatory and high-tech avionics, your flight will be smooth, quiet and stress-free. Additional amenities such as catering, video conferencing, Wi-Fi and more are available to enhance the experience and facilitate your business operations.

Monarch Air Group operates the Lear 60 and a wide range of private jets, from twin engine turboprops to airliners, via select joint venture agreements. Our reputation for excellence has made us the premier provider for Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and NGOs, and elite individuals around the globe. We deliver white glove service and pride ourselves on punctuality and efficiency. Our experienced team exceeds industry standards in safety and service. Call us today + 1 954-359-0059 for a free quote.

Monarch Air Group – Because Experience Matters.

Charter a private jet Lear 60 сharter LA to MIA:

Lear 60 Specifications

  • Seats: 7-8
  • Maximum speed: 465 kph
  • Cabin Height: 5.8 ft
  • Cabin Length: 5.9 ft
  • Cabin Width: 17.7 ft
  • Range: 2,516 nm
  • Cruise speed: 525 mph

Helicopter Charter Afghanistan

Monarch Air Group, a leading provider of on-demand air charter services around the globe, now conducts helicopter charters within Afghanistan through code-sharing agreements with select operators.

Helicopter CharterAfghanistan charters are conducted for VIP, passenger, cargo (including sling load), medevac and a variety of airlift support operations via the powerful MIL-8MTV helicopter.

Boasting a maximum speed of 250 km/h and a ferry range of up to 5 hours, the MIL-8MTV features an ultra-durable exterior and impressive capabilities. It is able to withstand extreme heat conditions, function in high altitudes, and access rugged terrain and non-equipped heliports while transporting up to 24 passengers or 4,000 kg of cargo. Its reputation for safety and versatility has made it a popular choice for charters throughout Africa and the Middle East.

Our in-depth industry knowledge, years of experience and boots-on-the-ground approach has rewarded us with a valued repeat clientele that includes the United Nations, various NGOs, the U.S. Department of Defense and the Canadian DND.

We treat every client like our ultimate VIP. Whatever your requirements or agenda, we will provide the most efficient, cost-effective solution. Contact us today about helicopter charters within Afghanistan and our other air charter services.

Monarch Air Group – Because experience matters.



  • VIP transportation
  • Passenger transportation (including sightseeing tours)
  • Cargo transportation
  • Logging, mining and offshore drilling support
  • Logistical support
  • Emergency evacuations
  • Search-and-Rescue operations
  • Firefighting
  • Aerial surveillance



  • Fuselage (L/H/W): 18.424/4.86/2.5 m
  • Cabin (L/H/W): 5.34/2.25/1.8 m
  • Main rotor diameter: 21.3 m


  • Maximum speed: 250 km/h
  • Cruising speed: 230 km/h
  • Operational range: 620 km
  • Ferry range: 4 h 50 min


  • 24 pax; 3 crew
  • Maximum payload: 4,000 kg

AOG Miami

Monarch Air Group is a 24/7 on-demand operator, providing immediate AOG (aircraft on the ground) delivery. Our designated aircraft, the Metro Liner II, has a 250nm cruising speed and a 3,000 lbs. payload, allowing for rapid response time while minimizing fees and costly delays. We also provide AOG delivery for stranded production lines, ships, construction and any large project requiring immediate delivery of missing and replacement parts. At a moment’s notice we receive, manifest and handle your cargo so you can get back to business and back into the air.

Benefits of Private Jet Charters

Private jet charters offer several important benefits to busy executives and individuals, enabling travelers to save a significant amount of time while providing a much more streamlined, convenient and comfortable flight experience.

Convenient Airport Access

Unlike commercial planes, private jet charters have access to thousands of conveniently located airports worldwide. This allows you to save time by reducing the need for long-range ground transportation. Air charter airports are often much closer to your final destination, whether it is a production facility, downtown locale, factory, office, private residence or vacation area. These airports are often much less congested, drastically reducing the time spent getting to the gate and waiting on the runway before takeoff and after landing.

Streamlined Security

Commercial flights require several hours to get through security checkpoints and the experience is often very stressful. Long lines, x-rays, pat-downs, removing coats and shoes – no one enjoys the pre-screening process that accompanies every commercial flight. Private jet charters allow travelers to show up and board at their convenience while still maintaining high standards of safety through the vastly simplified TSA 12/5 Program. No lines, delays or hassles. Just get there and get going! You can also rest assured that Monarch Air Group ensures that all flight crew – pilots, attendants and ground personnel – are experienced, certified and adhere to the highest standards in safety and reliability.

Privacy and Productivity

Even in first-class cabins, commercial flights are not able to offer the requisite privacy necessary to executives, government officials and selective groups and individuals. On a private jet charter, passengers are able to conduct business – on a laptop or conference call, for example – without worrying about who is watching and listening. In addition, various amenities create a relaxing environment conducive to completing important tasks.

Efficiency and Flexibility

Commercial flight passengers spend hours getting to and from the airport, going through security, and waiting to board their flight. They are also frequently subject to long flight delays and cancellations, which can be disastrous when en route to important meetings and events. Private air charters, in contrast, revolve around your schedule. As soon as you are ready to board, the plane departs. If you are running late, the flight will wait for you. Private jet charters are available 24/7 and can often be arranged on short notice. For busy executives and individuals, the flexibility that private air charters provide is priceless.

Monarch Air Group is a prestigious private aircraft operator with years of industry experience. Through select joint venture agreements we have access to thousands of aircraft and countless destinations around the globe. Our world-class personnel are dedicated to the highest standards of safety and service and are available 24/7 to book your next domestic or international private air charter. Whatever your schedule, budget and demands, we will find the best solution and go above and beyond to exceed your expectations. Contact us today for your free quote.

Monarch Air Group Was Recently Awarded a United States Forestry Service Contract

private jetMonarch Air Group, LLC was recently awarded a United States Forestry Service contract (AG-024B-B-11-5962) to provide the Federal Government with on demand light fixed wing aircraft. The aircraft will perform Point to Point transportation, Air Tactical and Fire Reconnaissance missions.
Monarch Air Group, LLC is a FAA part 135 aircraft operator and a private jet vendor. The company offers on demand charters, based on our fleet of turbo prop aircraft along with White Glove service for private jet charters, based on a list of carefully selected providers. With access to over 4,000 aircraft operators, located around the Globe, Monarch Air provides the ultimate solution for the air charter needs. Currently serving large corporations and wealthy individuals the company has recently entered the Government market, undergoing scrutinizing inspections and reviews by the Federal Government.
The parent and sister companies of Monarch Air Group operate and provide for operation of aircraft in the Middle East and Africa, assisting the US Government, United Nations and other NGO’s with their air charter and long term aircraft lease needs.
Source: prweb.com

Hurricane Irene Relief: Helping Bahamas

As hurricane Irene ripped through the Bahamas Monarch Air Group was preparing to help. They teamed with the influential owners of a private Island in the lower Exumas, called Bell Island who have donated a huge amount of food water and other immediate necessities.

Monarch Air Group, using their expertise in niche logistics was able to rush food and water and roofing supplies to the most needy victims of this powerful hurricane. The residents of Long Island in and around Deadmans Cay were very badly affected and received a personal visit from the Prime Minister, Hubert Ingraham on Saturday August the 27th.


hurricane Irene fighters

Air Charter Broker for the Private Jet Traveler

contact monarch air groupAir charter brokers acting as agents for private air travelers can provide many advantages in locating the right private jet at the right time and place at the lowest and BEST cost. It might not always be the cheapest option, but the seasoned air charter broker can absolutely provide the best overall value and quickest response time to the private air traveler who is on the move.

A professional air charter broker not only has an extensive list of private air charter operators, but he is available 24/7 knows who has what private jet and where for what price, including transient ones that might not be otherwise visible in the immediate area. These inter-dependent relationships can can save a lot of time and trouble and minimize the legwork of the private air traveler who is mainly concerned with getting to their private air charter destination.

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Chartering a Light Private Jet

private jet new york to miamiFor trips up to 3,000 miles carrying less than 7 passengers the ideal type of aircraft is a light jet. This type of private jet was created for shorter distance flights. Air charters between New York and Miami, or headed West up to Houston. These private jets are not made for coast to coast travel. An air charter from Miami to LA on a light jet will require numerous fuel stops which will significantly discomfort the passengers and create unnecessary hassle and delays. The most popular types of light jets are the Lear jet 35, Beech Jet, Citation series and the Falcon 10. These private jets comfortably accommodate their passengers on a North to South air charter, or a Miami-Aspen private charter.

The cost of chartering a light jet varies between $2,300/hr to $2,800/hr. The price varies by the safety ranking of the aircraft, its type, year of manufacturing and year of refurbishing. Additionally, if the private jet operator has agreed to the additional scrutiny of the added safety ranking, such as Wyvern or ARG/US, the cost of these safety rankings are transformed to the customer. However, at 40,000 feet the passengers know that they are flying the best aircraft on the market, not the cheapest private jet they could find.

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