Learjet 31 Private Jet Charter

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Learjet 31 Private Jet Charter

Learjet 31 Charter Flights

Learjet 31, a modern light business jet, is a product of Bombardier, the renowned Canadian aircraft manufacturer. It is an upgraded version of the Learjet 28, offering higher speed capabilities and improved controllability due to its unique design and enhanced tail fins. In 1987, Learjet 31 private jet charter completed its maiden flight and obtained FAA certification.

Learjet 31 Charter Cost

Chartering a Learjet 31 private jet will cost $3,200 – $4,000 per hour. The price to rent a private aircraft is determined individually and is based on a number of factors, including the complexity and distance of the trip.

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Charter a Learjet 31 for Private Flights:

Learjet 31 Overview

The Learjet 31A is a part of the light jet family. It was manufactured between 1987 and 2003. 246 Learjet 31A’s were manufactured during that time. The aircraft can seat up to seven passengers and is crewed by two pilots. The seating configuration is typically club seating for seven. The cabin height is 4.3 ft, cabin width is 4.9 ft, and the cabin length is 12.9 ft.

The Learjet 31A has a max payload of 1,397 lbs, a fuel capacity of 4,124 lbs and an enclosed lavatory. The range on a Learjet 31A is approximately 1,600 nautical miles. Compared to other light jet such as the Citation II/IISP and the Beechjet 400/400A, the Learjet 31A has a slightly smaller cabin, but the nautical mile range is virtually identical on all three aircraft.

Learjet 31 stands out from other models in its category with its two turbofan engines, TFE731-2, and winglets on the wingtips. Moreover, it features a modern glass cockpit and an upgraded avionics system. By booking a Learjet 31 private jet charter, clients can enjoy comfortable flights to distant destinations.

Learjet 31 Interior

The cabin of Learjet 31 private jet charter is designed to accommodate six to eight passengers comfortably. The interior can be customized to meet the specific preferences of the owner, with options for seating arrangements, furnishings, and amenities. Despite its mid-sized status, the cabin offers a relatively spacious environment, allowing passengers to work or relax during the flight.

Learjet 31 General Information

Years of Manufacture 1987-2003
Max of Pax 7
Range 1,600 nm
Pilots 2 pilots
Cabin height 4.3 ft
Cabin length 12.9 ft
Cabin width 4.9 ft
Max payload 1,397 lbs
Fuel capacity 4,124 lbs
Lavatory Enclosed
Baggage capacity 40 cubic feet

Monarch Air Group offers on-demand private aircraft charter services to individuals, businesses, and government agencies. Their extensive charter aircraft inventory consists of turboprops, light jets, medium jets, and heavy jets, each with its own set of aboard and off-board amenities. Learjet 31 private aircraft charter service provided by Monarch Air Group emphasizes safety, opulence, and adaptability.

FAQ: Learjet 31 Private Jet for Charter

What is the flight range of the Learjet 31?

Experience a seamless and uninterrupted journey to multiple destinations with the Learjet 31 private jet charter. This exceptional aircraft provides an impressive range of 1,631 nm, making it perfect for trips such as San Diego to Dallas or New York City to Miami. Enjoy swift and impeccable travel, ensuring a truly seamless flight from departure to arrival.

How many hours can a Learjet 31 fly?

Learjet 31 private jet charter has a cruising speed and maximum range that allows for continuous flights of around 3-4 hours. However, the length of the flight can be affected by different factors like weather conditions, air traffic, and specific flight arrangements.

How long of a runway does a Learjet 31 need?

The takeoff distance for a Learjet 31 private jet is 3,490 ft. The landing distance for the aircraft is 2,507 ft.