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Hawker 1000

The Hawker 1000 is an administrative aircraft, the most prominent HS-125 range, created by British Aerospace. The company built the prototype in 1990, and today it is one of the most spacious cabins among modern medium-sized aircraft.

Charter a Hawker 1000 private jet:

This Hawker 1000 can meet the needs of customers who require fast transcontinental flights with no stopovers. The aircraft can reach speeds of up to 538 mph thanks to a Pratt & Whitney Canada PW-305 engine, with a range of 3502 mi.

The Hawker 1000 offers customers a great combination of comfort, speed, and efficiency, with a seating capacity of up to nine passengers. Inside the cabin, the interior is luxurious with plenty of space and can serve as a conference room, lounge, or office directly in flight. In addition, there is a full-service buffet and a luggage compartment with a volume of more than two cubic meters.

Hawker 1000 General Characteristics

  • Cabin length: 24.2 ft | 7.4 m
  • Cabin width: 5.9 ft | 1.8 m
  • Cabin height: 5.7 ft | 1.75 m
  • Boot luggage space: 6.5 cu ft | 2 cu m
  • Capacity: 8 passengers

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