Embraer ERJ 135 Private Jet Charter

Monarch Air Group provides Embraer ERJ 135 private airliner for charter flights to any airport worldwide. Our aviation consultants are always ready to advise you on private jet charters and other business aviation services.

Embraer ERJ 135 Private Jet Charter

Embraer ERJ 135 Charter Flights

Embraer ERJ-135 private jet charter, manufactured by the Brazilian firm Embraer, is a compact variant of the ERJ-145 model. Tailored for extended regional journeys with minimal passenger numbers, this aircraft began its commercial service in 1999. Throughout its production run, over 100 ERJ-135s were built. Utilizing the ERJ-135 for charter flights enables private flyers to embark on trips such as São Paulo to Buenos Aires, London to Istanbul, or Dubai to Tbilisi.

Embraer ERJ 135 Charter Cost

Charter an Embraer ERJ 135 private jet will cost $7,400 per hour. The price to rent a private aircraft is determined individually and is based on a number of factors, including the complexity and distance of the trip.

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Charter an Embraer ERJ 135 for Private Flights:

Embraer ERJ 135 Overview

Embraer ERJ-135 private jet boasts a compact fuselage design, equipped with a sophisticated avionics suite anchored by a Honeywell flight control system, expanded fuel tanks, and enhanced engines for improved performance. Additionally, it incorporates advanced safety features, including a terrain and traffic collision avoidance system, among other technologies, to ensure passenger safety.

ERJ-135 charter typically accommodates around 37 passengers in its commercial configuration. However, as a private charter, it is often customized for luxury, reducing the number of seats to provide more space, enhanced amenities, and increased comfort.

Embraer ERJ 135 Interior

In a private charter configuration, the cabin of Embraer ERJ-135 charter can be outfitted with luxury features, including fully reclining seats, workstations, meeting spaces, entertainment systems, and bespoke catering facilities. The cabin’s design creates a comfortable and productive environment for passengers, whether traveling for business or leisure.

Embraer ERJ 135 General Information

Years of Manufacture 1999
Max of Pax up to 37
Range 1,300 nm
Pilots 2
Cabin Height 5.12 ft
Cabin Length 42 ft
Cabin Width 6.11 ft
Max payload 9,000 lb
Fuel capacity 5,973 lbs
Lavatory Yes
Baggage Capacity 324 cu ft

Monarch Air Group offers customized private aircraft charter solutions for individuals, businesses, and government entities. The comprehensive selection of charter aircraft ranges from turboprops and light jets to medium and heavy jets, all outfitted with numerous amenities for in-flight and ground comfort. Embraer ERJ 135 private jet charter service at Monarch Air Group is dedicated to providing safety, luxury, and versatility.

FAQ: Embraer ERJ 135 Private Jet For Charter

What Type Of Private Jet Is Embraer ERJ 135?

Embraer ERJ-135 is classified as a regional jet adapted for use as a private jet. In the private aviation sector, it is often referred to as a medium jet due to its range, capacity, and performance characteristics. The ERJ-135 offers a blend of speed, efficiency, and comfort, making it suitable for both short and medium-range flights.

When Should I Choose The Embraer ERJ 135 Charter Flight?

Choosing the Embraer ERJ 135 for a charter flight is ideal for medium-range journeys, especially when traveling with a larger group, thanks to its capacity to comfortably accommodate more passengers compared to light or midsize jets. Its efficiency and speed make it well-suited for corporate outings, sports teams, or family gatherings, offering a balance between operational cost and luxury. With its range of 1300 nm, it can fly without refueling on such routes as New York to Miami, Paris to Istanbul, or Los Angeles to Vancouver.

What Runway Length Does The Embraer ERJ 135 Need?

Embraer ERJ 135 private jet charter requires a runway length of at least 5381 ft for takeoff and 4462 ft for landing.

How Far In Advance Can I Charter The Embraer ERJ 135 Need?

For reservations on the Embraer ERJ 135 private jet, please contact us at least six hours before your departure time. After your booking is confirmed, we encourage you to inform us of any particular requirements or preferences you might have, enabling us to tailor your flight experience to suit your needs perfectly.