Citation M2 Private Jet Charter

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Citation M2 Private Jet Charter

Citation M2 Charter Flights

The Cessna Aircraft Company of Wichita, Kansas, produces the Cessna CitationJ M2 series (Model 525), a light business jet in the Cessna Citation family. A 7,000th model in the Cessna Citation series was delivered on June 27, 2016, making it one of the most numerous business jet lines in operation. More than 35 million flight hours have been logged since the first Citation entered service in 1972. For those looking for a luxurious and convenient travel option, look no further than Citation M2 private jet charter.

Citation M2 Charter Cost

Chartering a Citation M2 private jet starts at around $3,000 per hour. The price to rent a private aircraft is determined individually and is based on a number of factors, including the complexity and distance of the trip.

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Charter a Citation M2 for Private Flights:

Citation M2 Overview

Based on the Citation Jet and the Citation Mustang this aircraft was manufactured from 2012-2016 by Textron Aviation out of Wichita, KS. As of June 2020, there were 250 Citation M2 delivered. This aircraft was first designed to bridge the gap between a Citation Jet and a Citation Mustang. This aircraft seats up to six passengers and can have a crew of one or two pilots. The cabin height is 4.8 ft, cabin width is 4.8 ft and the cabin length is 11 ft. The Citation M2 also includes a lavatory and a baggage capacity of 43 cubic feet.

It has a range of 1550 nautical miles, a max payload of 1400 lbs and a fuel capacity of 3296 lbs. This aircraft has a faster climb speed than its closest competitor, the Phenom 100E. The Citation M2 is 61 mph faster than the Phenom 100E. The plane is perfect for family vacations and business meetings alike.


It is known for its soft landings and smooth taxing.


The aircraft has a limited range of fewer than 2000 miles meaning it has to refuel more often. Ex. The G280 has a range twice of the Citation M2.

Citation M2 Interior

Citation M2 interior

The cabin of Citation M2 private jet charter has been entirely changed in comparison to previous generations. There are completely new seat appointments that have greatly enhanced comfort and a new entertainment system known as Cessna Clarity.

A stylishly remodeled hard-door lavatory, a new food-storage space, and warm LED lighting everywhere are now available when you charter Citation M2 private jet. The interior was completely redesigned by the same team that worked on Cessna’s two much larger models, the Latitude and the much larger Longitude. That is, the quality of the materials and workmanship in the M2 is on par with that of Cessna’s flagships.

Citation M2 interior 2

Citation M2 General Information

Years of Manufacture


Max of Pax



1550 nm



Cabin height

4.8 ft

Cabin length

11 ft

Cabin width

4.8 ft

Max payload

1400 lbs

Fuel capacity

3296 lbs



Baggage capacity

43 cubic feet

Citation M2 private charters organized by Monarch Air Group are unsurpassed in the industry for their degree of comfort and luxury. Please get in touch with us at any time since we offer 24/7 Citation M2 private jet service. Along with trip planning, we’ll provide a range of in-flight and post-flight services.

FAQs: Citation M2 Private Jet for Charter

What Type of Private Jet is Citation M2?

Citation M2 is a light jet. Light private aircraft can transport up to eight passengers to neighboring locations quickly and safely.

When Should I Choose the Citation M2 Charter Flight?

If you need to go fast, confidentially, and in style, a Citation M2 charter flight is the ideal solution. San Francisco to Dallas and Chicago to Houston are two possible nonstop destinations.

What Runway Length Does the Citation M2 Need?

Citation M2 private jets require a runway 3250 ft to take off and 2592 ft to land.

How Far in Advance Can I Charter the Citation M2?

A Citation M2 private flight will take roughly six hours to arrange. After making your flight reservation, get in touch with us as soon as you can so we can accommodate your demands with a Citation M2 charter.