Challenger 604 Charter

Challenger 604 CharterThe Challenger 604 offers luxurious style coupled with high performance and range. As a result, it is one of the most popular and sought-after business aircraft. A Challenger 604 charter allows seamless travel from San Francisco to Boston, Los Angeles to Washington, D.C., New York to Phoenix, or Houston to Seattle.

Charter a Challenger 604 Private Jet


With the power offered, the Challenger 604 provides longer flight distances with very few stops. The Challenger 604 has a maximum range of about 4,600 miles and a top speed of 539 mph. Furthermore, the deluxe amenities in the cabin help longer flights that may extend overnight to be more comfortable for the passengers and manageable for the crew.


The measurements come out to approximately 28.4 feet in length, 6.1 feet in height, and 8.2 feet in width. These measurements allow plenty of room for passengers to stretch out and finish projects or conduct a conference meeting while in-flight. Moreover, the baggage area measures approximately 115 cubic feet, giving passengers ample space to store their suitcases or sporting equipment.

  • Height: 6.1
  • Width: 8.2
  • Length: 28.4
  • Lavatory: Yes

Cabin Amenities

The Challenger 604’s cabin is very low in noise and is equipped with a complete, private aft lavatory, with a wardrobe closet that fits full-sized garment bags. It offers a cabin that seats between 10 and 12 passengers but can be configured to fit up to 19. For nighttime or early morning flying, the seats recline fully into beds for complete relaxation. The cabin also features a full deluxe galley with a microwave, conventional oven, and coffee maker.

Challenger 604

Challenger 604 Aircraft Management with Monarch Air Group

Monarch Air Group handles all day-to-day aircraft maintenance activities. Aircraft management provides charter flights for a company or individual, while the client ensures the operation of the aircraft. Through this management service, customers can generate income using unused aircraft time.

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How far can a Challenger 604 fly?

The Challenger 604 jet charter is a popular model in the heavy class. It can carry 10 to 19 passengers and has a large enough luggage compartment and a comfortable cabin. The Challenger 604 has a maximum range of about 4,600 miles. Due to more powerful engines, modern audio and video systems, and excellent noise insulation Challenger 604 charter flights will be fast and comfortable.

What runway length is required for the Challenger 604?

Challenger 604 charter flights can accommodate any needs of private travelers. The aircraft requires a minimum of 1,814 meters for takeoff and 741 meters for landing. The 604 was equipped with state-of-the-art avionics, new engines, and additional fuel tanks. This increased the flight range of the private jet Challenger 60 and made the flights safer.

How much does it cost per hour to fly on a Challenger 604?

The Challenger 604 is designed to carry up to 19 passengers as standard and is capable of intercontinental flights. The complexity of the route, the amount of luggage, and additional stops may affect the rental price. The Challenger 604 private jet charter rate ($2,600 – $3,100 per hour) is not a one-size-fits-all service and is always calculated individually. You can get a rough flight cost estimate by using the private jet charter cost estimator.

Popular Routes on Challenger 604

The Challenger 604 is consistently among the most popular light aircraft for business travel. It offers passengers an impressive range and unmatched convenience. Some of our most popular Challenger 604 charter routes are from Houston to Washington DC, Toronto to Miami, or Chicago to Las Vegas.

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