Boeing 747-8

The wide-body Boeing 747-8 is a unique representative of the Boeing Company, with a rich history of public and private airplane applications. The first model was introduced in 2005, with improved cost-effectiveness, a redesigned wing, and an extended fuselage.


Charter a Boeing 747-8 private jet:

The Boeing 747-8 is the world’s first long-range, double-deck, wide-body passenger aircraft. It is often used for flights by the U.S. government and by executives of large corporations. The updated version of the airliner received orders for its subsequent equipping as a VIP-aircraft. The range of the Boeing 747-8 is combined with high reliability, proven technology, and years of experience.

The Boeing 747 has extensive experience equipping various versions of the VIP cabin, offering beautiful, ingenious, and practical designs.

boeing 747-8 interior

Boeing 747-8 General Characteristics

  • Cabin length: 207.3 ft | 63.2 m
  • Cabin height: 7.9 ft | 2.41 m
  • Cabin width: 20 ft | 6,1 m
  • Luggage space: 643 cu ft | 196 cu m
  • The optimal number of passengers: 20
  • Cruising Speed: 569 mph
  • Flight range: 7,730 nmi

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