Airbus ACJ330-200

The Airbus ACJ330-200 offers space for up to 60 passengers, with a long-range and luggage compartment. Thanks to the transcontinental flight capability, the ACJ330-200 can cover almost the entire planet without landing.

Airbus ACJ330-200 jet charter

Charter an Airbus ACJ330-200 private jet:

Among the unique modifications of the model are the electric remote control system, the unified cockpit, and powerful but economical engines. ACJ330-200 can land in any weather conditions and has been certified for CAT 3B category landings. The VIP wide-body airliner is an excellent option for heads of corporations and states.

The ACJ330-200 can be equipped with several sleeping and bathing areas, work rest areas, or a conference room. The cabin is exquisitely styled, with ample opportunities for work and relaxation. If the aircraft is used for business purposes, any necessary equipment can be installed on it.

Airbus ACJ330-200 General Characteristics

  • Cruising speed: 580 miles
  • Flight range: 9196 mph
  • Capacity: up to 60 passengers
  • Length of the cabin: 148.9 ft.
  • Cabin width: 17.3 ft| 5.3 m
  • Height: 7,9 ft | 2,41 m
  • Cargo area: 91.5 cu ft | 27.9 cu m

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