Airbus ACJ320

The Airbus ACJ320 is a type of narrow-body business jet that entered service in 2000. It has a shorter range than the ACJ319 but offers a larger cabin and several other modifications.

Airbus ACJ320 jet charter

Charter an Airbus ACJ320 private jet:

The ACJ320 is equipped with an electric remote control system that ensures maximum flight safety and is notable for its increased fuel efficiency thanks to the “sharklets” wingtips. Airbus has received the necessary international type approvals for the ACJ320, and all aircraft are certified to perform CAT 3B category landings under poor weather conditions.

airbus acj320 interior

The ACJ320 cabin can be divided into five separate sitting areas, including a master bedroom, sitting area, another bedroom, and a dining/conference room with satellite phones, computers, and Wi-Fi. For long flights, it is possible to install a shower, separate lounge areas with sofas, and fully reclining armchairs are provided.

airbus acj320 interior 2

Airbus ACJ320 General Characteristics

  • Seats – 26
  • Baggage – 150 pieces
  • Range – 4,000 NM
  • Long-range speed – 0.78 Mach
  • Cabin length – 27.38 m | 89 ft 10 in
  • Cabin width – 3.70 m | 12 ft 2 in
  • Cabin height – 2.25 m | 7 ft 5 in

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