Airbus A319

The Airbus A319 is a shortened version of the A320 passenger airliner with an extended range. It is designed for short and medium-haul airlines, capable of carrying about 132 passengers and transporting them a distance of up to 2,835 miles. The model has a shorter fuselage due to reducing passenger seats in two rows, but it is the most comprehensive (3.95 m) among medium-haul airliners.

Airbus A319

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Airbus A319 is equipped with a digital avionics system EFIS, similar to the Airbus Industry A320. In addition, the manufacturer produces several aircraft modifications with different engines; some equipped with CFM56 engines received designation A319-110, and aircraft with V2500 engines received designation A319-130.

Airbus A319 General Characteristics

  • Height – 38.5 ft | 11.76 m
  • Length – 111 ft | 33.84 m
  • Wingspan – 111.8 ft | 34.1 m
  • Passenger capacity – 124-156

As in any passenger aircraft, the Airbus A319 is divided into classes. The first seats are business class, where there is a bit more legroom than on the rest of the rows, and the wall has cradle mounts for children. Toilets and emergency exits are located in the rear.

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