Airbus A319 Corporate Jet

The Airbus 319 Corporate Jet is one of the most popular long-haul business jets. It is the perfect solution for traveling in large groups and prefers to take everything they need. The business jet combines advanced technologies and modern systems such as an electric remote control system, a state-of-the-art navigation system, and joysticks instead of traditional steering wheels.

Airbus A319 Corporate Jet

Charter an Airbus A319 Corporate Jet private jet:

The flight range of Airbus 319 without landing is about 7.4 thousand miles, which allows for transcontinental flights. As an option, the aircraft can be equipped with tanks with a larger fuel capacity. Furthermore, the model complies with all standards and is ETOPS certified.

Airbus A319 Corporate Jet General Characteristics

  • Cabin Height: 7 ft 4 in
  • Cabin Width: 12 ft 1 in
  • Cabin Length: 78 ft 9 in
  • Luggage room capacity – 90.8 ft | 27.7 cu m
  • The optimal number of passengers – 14—18

It is possible to order the Airbus 319 Corporate Jet in VIP configuration for the optimal number of 18 passengers, and the model is popular due to the variety of possible structures. The excellent noise insulation and the remoteness of the engines fixed under the wing make the aircraft quiet even on takeoff.

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