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Sitka, Alaska is a Getaway Destination for Private Jet Travelers

Sitka, Alaska is a Getaway Destination for Private Jet Travelers

Sitka’s location on Baranof Island, on the outer coast of Alaska’s Inside Passage, is ideally situated between the mountains and the sea. In every direction, the waters that surround Sitka sparkle like a blue jewel.

Southeast Alaska is a region with more than 1,000 islands and more than 18,000 miles of coastline–about 20% of the coastline of the entire United States. And yet, Southeast Alaska is home to just 72,000 residents.

Sitka is rich with history, culture and an abundance of wildlife, the greatest variety of wildlife in Southeast Alaska, including whales, sea otters and bald eagles.

Sitka: a Secluded Paradise On Alaska’s Baranof Island Enjoyed by Private Jet Travelers

Sitka’s culture is influenced by Tlingit, Russian and American settlers who have called Sitka home. In Sitka, visitors can watch traditional Tlingit dancing, hike through a densely forested trail with 19 historical totems that tell the story of Tlingit culture, discover the diverse ecosystem of Sitka and take a whale-watching excursion to see humpback whales and sea otters in their native environment.

Sitka National Historical Park

This park preserves and interprets the site of a Tlingit Indian fort and the battle fought between the Russians and the Tlingits in 1804. The museum contains an exhibit of Tlingit artifacts, many of them loaned to the National Park Service by Tlingit clans.

Totem Trail is a one-mile trail that loops through temperate rain forest. Nineteen totem poles carved by Tlingit and Haida artists are positioned along the trail to depict family ancestry, folklore or historical events, recount a clan’s story or commemorate an individual clan member.

Sitka Sound Science Center

The Sitka Sound Science Center is a favorite for families. In the Center’s touch tanks, you can touch a sea urchin, sea anemone and starfish. A focal point of the museum is an 800-gallon saltwater tank with fish and invertebrates that inhabit the ecosystem in the waters of Southeast Alaska.

Mariner’s Wall

This brick wall contains 2,000 inscriptions that represent the rich maritime history of Southeast Alaska and a special memorial to mariners.

Naa Kahidi Dancers

Visitors enjoy traditional Tlingit songs handed down by generations in connection with Sitka Tribal Tours at the Sheet’ka Kwaan Naa Kahidi Community House.

Sheldon Jackson Museum

Founded in 1888, this museum houses an exceptional collection of Alaska Native ethnographic material.

Airport Serving Sitka, Alaska

Sitka Rocky Gutierrez Airport (IATA: SIT) is a state-owned, public-use airport located west of the central business district of Sitka.

Which Private Jet Should I Charter for My Trip to Sitka?

Heavy jet options for private charter include the Embraer Lineage 1000, Falcon 900 LX and the Cessna Citation Longitude.

The Embraer Lineage 1000 can accommodate up to 19 passengers in comfort. With ample baggage capacity and a walk-in cargo area, passengers can rest assured they will have everything they need for their stay in Sitka.

The Falcon 900 LX’s many performance advantages include the ability to take off and land at airports other jets can’t access. The Falcon 900LX’s spacious cabin provides three areas for work and relaxation.

Cessna’s Citation Longitude provides a superior charter experience. Clients can select from six interior cabin design options inspired by the Old World with earthy organic textures and inviting warm and cool color palettes.

Heavy jets include a full galley, catering and flight attendant service.

Super Midsize jet options include the Hawker 1000, Falcon 50EX and the Citation X. Super midsize jets transport a maximum of 12 passengers and feature a stand-up cabin, luggage space and ample legroom.

The Hawker 1000 is popular with private jet charter clients for its quiet, comfortable cabin and extended range capabilities.

The Falcon 50EX has a top speed of 569 mph and plenty of space for collaborative meetings or relaxation. The cabin configuration has four Captain’s chairs in a club seating arrangement with two Captain’s chairs in a separate area with a three-seat divan.

Private jet charter clients select the Cessna Citation X for its speed up to 700 miles per hour.

Super Midsize jets include a full galley, catering and flight attendant service.

Midsize jet options for private charters include the Hawker 850XP, the Learjet 60XR and the Gulfstream G150.

The Hawker 850XP is the second largest of the Hawker series and can seat up to 8 passengers comfortably. The 850XP can travel against headwinds at a high-speed cruise while using less fuel.

Private jets clients select the Learjet 60XR for its combination of the best of technology and comfort. This powerful midsize jet can climb at 6,000 feet per minute and has a flight range of 2,269 nautical miles.

The Gulfstream G150 is one of the fastest midsize jets available, with a top speed of 475 knots. Cabin layout options include a club seating layout with two forward-facing seats in the rear of the cabin.

Midsize jets typically seat up to 9 passengers and digital entertainment, a galley and Wi-Fi for in-flight entertainment.

Light jet options include the Cessna Citation M2, the Phenom 100 and the Learjet 75. Light jets offer a cost-effective charter option configured for speed and efficiency.

The Cessna Citation M2 is the culmination of years of experience designing aircraft for business and leisure travelers. The M2 features include warm LED lighting throughout the cabin, a top speed of 404 knots and plenty of range.

The Embraer Phenom 100 delivers an efficient performance. The jet is a top performer in its class with a range of 1,971 nautical miles, a cruise speed of 453 mph and a maximum altitude of 45,000 feet.

The Learjet 75 is configured for speed, utility and comfort. The jet can travel at Mach 0.80 with a range of more than 2,040 miles.

Light jets can seat up to 10 passengers and typically include digital entertainment, a galley, and Wi-Fi for in-flight entertainment.

In conclusion, Sitka offers an immersion for the mind, body and soul of visitors with breathtaking mountainous Alaskan scenery, a rich cultural history and abundant wildlife in Southeast Alaska. Charter clients are provided with the best available jet options to suit their travel requirements, including ground transportation options, all arranged by a professional charter coordinator.

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