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Travel trend alert: private jet charters to remote destinations in Europe

Travel trend alert private jet charters to remote destinations in Europe

Connectivity with Europe has never been better. There are dozens of weekly flights that connect U.S. passengers with the main capitals of the continent, arriving in places like Madrid, Paris, London or Berlin on a non-stop commercial flight. But what happens if you want to move to a more remote destination or go to a country where the next direct flight leaves in two days? Under this scenario is when executive aviation thrives, giving travelers in Europe the possibility to experience maximum flexibility and efficiency.

Monarch Air Group, private jet charter specialist with global presence, charters aircraft in Europe to destinations with low or no commercial flight connections, which allows passengers to board in just minutes, avoid long check-in lines, busy terminals and enjoy a tailor-made flight with maximum flexibility.

For instance, there are no commercial flights to the sunny Amalfi Coast (Italy) due to runway limitations for larger airplanes. To get there, commercial passengers must fly to Napoli and then travel to destination. Too many stops and too few options. A private jet can go nonstop from anywhere in Europe to the Salerno airport right next to Amalfi, reducing the total duration of the trip by many hours, eliminating exhausting waiting times at airports and allowing passengers to arrive fresh.

Another example is visiting the town known as the home of golf. Saint Andrews, located north of Edinburgh in Scotland, has limited direct connections from the main cities of the continent. How to get there? Well, traveling many hours by two or three connecting flights (depending on the starting point). The other option? Yes, private aviation. A direct flight to Dundee and you will be only 30 minutes away from the place that supposedly gave birth to golf centuries ago.

“Flying by private jet is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity. Traveling within Europe to remote places can be very tiring due to long hours at airports and connecting flights. Why experience only one destination when you can visit two or three? That is the essence of private aviation and its great flexibility,” states David Gitman, President of Monarch Air Group.

Main booked remote charter flights

Whether you’re looking for snow, sun and beaches, local food or a specific sport, you can rely on executive aviation. And not just for holiday purposes; there is also a growing demand for business flights within Europe, when time is of the essence and flight delays can result in a lost meeting or business.

The destinations that have received most quotes by Monarch Air Group for flights within Europe are Athens, the historic Greek capital, full of culture and beautiful landscapes, Brindisi, a pre-Roman Italian city on the shores of the Adriatic Sea, Olbia, located north of the island of Sardinia in Italy, Eilat, the southernmost city in Israel washed by the waters of the Red Sea, and Bodrum, a tourist and nautical center in western Turkey. In simple words, almost all are cities without direct connecting flights from the main hubs in the continent, which explains why they are visited repeatedly via private jets.

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