Private Jet Traffic: New York and Miami as the Top US Routes

Private Jet Traffic New York and Miami as the Top US RoutesDid you see that private jet taking off? There’s a good chance its final destination is New York. Seven out of the 10 most covered routes were departing to or arriving from New York, as stated by the Knight Frank’s Wealth Report. And the most popular one? Moscow to Nice.

In the top five, the survey concluded that Miami to New York, New York to Los Angeles, New York to West Palm Beach and London to New York are the most popular routes. And although the Russia – France route is the most traveled in number, the U.S. is still the most relevant private jet market mainly since 60% of the worldwide charter traffic departs and lands in the United States.

Furthermore, the fastest developing routes come as a surprise, with Nice to New York, followed by Maiquetia, Venezuela, to Miami showing more than expected growth and potential for the foreseeable future. Unexpected as well might be the gender gap among private aircraft travelers: more than 80% are men, the report says. And the most frequent is in the 40-55 age range, with entrepreneurs leading the way as the prevailing type of passenger.

Making the case for South Florida

Dubai, Cannes, New York, Nice, and Paris. We’ve all heard of them and the impressive number of annual flights they register. The Paris Le Bourget airport, alone, registered more than 50,000 movements last year. London has 4 private-jet equipped airports (London Luton and London Farnborough leading the way) that account for almost 84,000 total movements in a year.

In other words, the aforementioned are far busier than the likes of Fort Lauderdale International or Miami International Airport. So how can South Florida compete to attract top worldwide private jet travelers? It’s a mix of variables; “hotels, restaurants, and the beaches play a major role,” explains David Gitman, Executive Director of Monarch Air Group of Fort Lauderdale.

“By combining business opportunities, well-developed infrastructure with pristine beaches, and top-notch hotels, South Florida became an established hub between the Americas, as well as a go-to destination for travelers across the globe.

The high demand for private aviation in South Florida has developed into what is likely the highest concentration of private airports in the world: if you drive along Interstate 95 for (aerial) distance of 75 miles, you will pass 10 airports: KTMB, KTNT, KMIA, KOPF, KHWO, KFLL, KFXE, KPMP, KBCT, KLNA, KPBI. South Florida, often called the “playground” for the top 1 percent, keeps these airports busy year-long,” concludes Gitman.

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