How much does a private jet cost?

Private aviation has changed over the years. Considered in the past as a luxurious means of transportation, today is a necessity for many travelers around the world. It’s the flexibility it brings to the table, the comfort, and reliability what keeps clients loyal to the superior experience.

Chartering an aircraft also comes with competitive prices, with the same fee for one or ten passengers; the whole aircraft is rented instead of just a seat; one of many perks of on-demand executive flight.
If you pair the previous with the access to thousands of aircraft worldwide and the possibility to depart and land in almost any airport in the country, private aviation really has no competition.

Charter prices for popular routes

Although private aviation provides access to over 5,000 airports in the United States alone, there are a dozen of routes that are especially popular within this segment. Still wondering how much it costs to charter a private plane?

Private Jet Charter Prices

Route Aircraft Seats
$5,000 NYC –

Martha`s Vineyard

Pilatus PC-12NG exteriorPilatus PC12NG 8
$6,500 Miami – Nassau Lear 45Lear 45 8
$6,500 LA – Las Vegas Citation CJ3Citation CJ3 7
$8,000 NYC – Boston Hawker 400XPHawker 400XP 7
$14,500 NYC – Atlanta Phenom 300 exteriorPhenom 300 7
$16,500 Miami – NYC Lear 60 newLear 60XR 7
$19,000 LA – Dallas Learjet 75 exteriorLear 75 8
$26,000 Miami – LA Challenger 300Challenger 300 9
$27,500 Atlanta – LA Hawker 800XPHawker 800XP 8
$28,500 NYC – Las Vegas Citation X+ exteriorCitation X 8

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