TEB-VNY Empty Leg

Teterboro to Van Nuys is among the most popular routes for private air charter. An abundance of jets operate flights between these airports regularly, creating a significant volume of empty leg or positioning flights. Empty Leg flights occur when an aircraft has to position between two cities for the next charter, or back to its home base.

Often these aircraft are flying empty and the owner-operator is willing to sell the empty flight at a reduced rate. A good charter broker knows how to locate these empty legs for his client, and maximize aircraft utilization while mitigating costs to the client. The Monarch Air Group team are trained professionals and experts at locating empty leg opportunities. Contact Monarch Air group to learn more about empty leg flights, or any other private air charter need.

Charter a TEB-VNY private jet:

TEB-VNY Emplty Leg Flights

Updated daily. Last update - Tue, 30 May 2023

VAN NUYS, VAN NUYS (KVNY)EXECUTIVE, ORLANDO (KORL)Gulfstream G-IVSP16to Wed, 31 May$ 46,800 *
VAN NUYS, VAN NUYS (KVNY)EXECUTIVE, ORLANDO (KORL)Gulfstream G-IVSP16to Wed, 31 May$ 46,800 *

*Estimated price before taxes & fees.