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Monarch Air Group provides private air charter in Tallahassee, FL. Our clients benefit from top-notch service, unrelenting dedication to safety, wide selection of aircraft, and years of experience in chartering private jets. To obtain a free quote, please use our online quoting tool provided below, or call toll-free 1-877-281-3051.

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Tallahassee, Florida, USA Private Jet Charter
Monarch Air Group provides private jet charter flights in and out of Tallahassee, Florida.

Located along the Florida Panhandle, Tallahassee possesses the state capital, beautiful museums, two major universities, unforgettable experiences and amazing attractions. Downtown Tallahassee is a unique blend of culture, academia, and politics. Tallahassee has rich history and culture, gripping natural beauty and a great variety of outdoor activities. The most popular tourist attractions include the Florida State Capitol, Alfred B.Maclay Gardens State Park, the Goodwood Museum and Gardens, the Knott House Museum the Museum of Florida History, and much more.

Situated in the downtown area, Kleman Plaza offers a dynamic life with many special events and festivals, stunning fountains, acoustically pleasing amphitheater, and picturesque views. Having so many gripping things to do, Tallahassee is a renowned travel destination that has something to offer for everyone.

Tallahassee Airports within 70 miles

  1. AAF, Municipal, Apalachicola, United States.
  2. BGE, Decatur County, Bainbridge, United States.
  3. FPY, Perry-Foley, Perry, United States.
  4. MGR, Thomasville, Moultrie, United States.
  5. MUL, Spence, Moultrie, United States.
  6. TLH, Tallahassee Regional Airport, Tallahassee, United States.
  7. TVI, Municipal, Thomasville, United States.
  8. VLD, Regional, Valdosta, United States.

Hotels in Tallahassee

  1. DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Tallahassee, 101 South Adams Street, Tallahassee.
  2. Governors Inn Tallahassee Florida Hotel, 209 South Adams Street, Tallahassee.
  3. SpringHill Suites Tallahassee Central, 1300 Executive Center Drive, Tallahassee.
  4. Candlewood Hotel Suites Tallahassee, 2815 W Lakeshore Dr, Tallahassee.
  5. DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Tallahassee, 101 S Adams St, Tallahassee.
  6. DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Tallahassee, 101 South Adams Street, Tallahassee.
  7. Governors Inn Tallahassee Florida Hotel, 209 South Adams Street, Tallahassee.
  8. Hotel Duval, Autograph Collection, 415 North Monroe Street, Tallahassee.
  9. Holiday Inn, 1355 Apalachee Parkway, Tallahassee.
  10. DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Tallahassee, 101 South Adams Street, Tallahassee.

FAQ for flying private to/from Tallahassee

Why choose a charter jet to Tallahassee?

Deep South Florida is home to Tallahassee, an important government center and a popular destination for private charters. Tallahassee private jet can save you a lot of time if you’re planning a business trip or going on vacation. Our specialization is to provide you with an exceptional and unparalleled standard of service.

How much does it cost to book a Tallahassee private jet charter?

When you travel on a Tallahassee air charter, you can choose the right aircraft for your needs. We offer the most competitive prices for private jet charter flights. The price of private jet charter Tallahassee can vary and depends in most cases on the range of the flight, the number of passengers on board, and the type of aircraft. For more information, please submit the flight request form, or call our agents 24/7 at 1-877-281-3051. Or you can use the jet charter cost calculator.

Here are some approximate prices for private jet charter flights to/from Tallahassee:

  • Private Jet Charter Flights to Tallahassee from Nashville: piston – starting at $ 5,180;
  • Private Jet Charter Flights to Tallahassee from New York: turboprop – starting at $ 13,340;
  • Private Jet Charter Flights to Tallahassee from Los Angeles: light jet – starting at $ 29,840.

Which is the best plane to choose for Tallahassee charter flights?

Book a Tallahassee charter jet and get instant access to private jets for domestic or transoceanic flights. Our experts will match you with the perfect plane for any flight. We work around the clock to make your flight as safe and comfortable as possible. Call one of our agents to review all of your plane options for Tallahassee private jet charters.

Aircraft type Passengers Non-stop range Cruising speed Intended use
Light Jet up to 6 passengers about 700 – 2000 miles 476 to 518 mph for comfortable short- to mid-range distances
Midsize Jet up to 10 passengers about 1300 – 1500 miles 422 to 541 mph to fly nonstop from coast to coast
Super midsize Jet up to 10 passengers about 3.500 – 4.000 miles 490 to 590 mph for longer flights
Heavy Jet up to 18 passengers about 6.000 miles 480 to 551 mph traveling overseas in luxury for an intercontinental flight
Turboprops  up to 10 passengers about 600 – 1.900 miles 220 to 360  mph for short- to mid-range flights
Ultra-Long Range Jet up to 19 passengers about 2,800 – 7,685 miles 460 to 594 mph for long-haul travels
Helicopters up to 28 passengers about 250 – 600 miles 150 to 175 mph for passenger and cargo transportation

What’s the advantage of flying a Tallahassee private jet?

Chartering a leisure or work jet is exceptional service, absolute privacy, and comfort. Private Tallahassee private plane charter allows you to catch several business meetings in different cities in the shortest possible time and significantly reduce your time on the ground. For more information on exclusive in-flight services, please submit the flight request form, or call our agents 24/7 at 1-877-281-3051.

How to book a Tallahassee empty leg flight?

Empty leg flights are actively gaining popularity in private aviation. This term refers to an empty leg flight that takes the aircraft from the point of delivery of passengers to the place of permanent deployment. In this way, you get efficient use of money while retaining all the conditions of business aviation service. Contact our consultants for current Tallahassee empty leg flight options.

Popular Destinations near Tallahassee by Private Jet

  • Jacksonville—travel by private jet to the largest city in Florida, and a popular vacation destination among residents of the United States.
  • Macon—a popular travel destination for private jets, right in the heart of Georgia.
  • Gainesville—a lot of private jet travelers stop here to enjoy a Florida Gators game.
  • Orlando—a private jet to Orlando is perfect for a family vacation to Disneyland or a business trip.

Private jet clients travel in efficient, reliable, and comfortable private jets. If you haven’t found the answers to all your questions here, you can contact our experienced and reliable team at any time or visit our air charter FAQ page.