Which private jet is better, Gulfstream 280 or Bombardier’s Challenger 350

Which private jet is better, Gulfstream 280 or Bombardier’s Challenger 350

The Gulfstream 280 and the Challenger 350 are popular options for on-demand private jet charter flights in the Super midsize range. Before embarking upon an on-demand privately chartered flight, here are a few considerations that will help you choose between these high-performing jets and maximize everything flying private has to offer.

Gulfstream 280 and Bombardier Challenger 350: Supermidsize Rivals Feature Performance And Value Of Heavy Jets

Gulfstream 280 and Challenger 350 Summary Specs 

Aircraft Passenger Capacity Range (nm) Max Speed Cabin Dimensions (l x w x h) Baggage Capacity (cu ft.)
Gulfstream 280 Up to 10 4,143 559 mph 66 ft. 10 in. 7 ft. 2 in. 6 ft. 3in. 120
Challenger 350 Up to 16 3,100 629 mph 28 ft. 6 in. 7 ft. 2 in. 6 ft. 1 in. 155

Passenger Capacity and Cabin Spaciousness

Gulfstream 280

The Gulfstream 280 is one of the most successful super midsize jets produced by Gulfstream. The jet was designed for coast-to-coast nonstop flights with spacious and comfortable seating. The 280’s floor has a low center aisle that gives you more headroom when walking through the cabin.

Four cabin configurations provide passengers with ample room to move comfortably throughout the cabin to socialize and the utility for conducting productive meetings.

The cabin features a spacious in-flight baggage area and storage with ample space for luggage. The 280 features nineteen oval windows that allow plenty of natural light to flow throughout the cabin and sound compression to reduce fatigue during the flight.

Along with its stand-up cabin and flexible configuration options, this jet is ideal for larger groups.

Bombardier Challenger 350

This jet’s spacious cabin offers a flat floor, a feature important to passengers who prefer the extra legroom, or those who travel with their pets. The jet features beautifully hand-sculpted seats and in-flight access to your baggage.

Bombardier’s thoughtful design details include large windows that allow natural light into the cabin to reduce passenger fatigue, signature finishes and design that optimizes utility. From metal trim to clever foldout tables, it is easy to see why the Challenger 350 receives such high praise from passengers.

To reduce noise, the 350 features a standard entry door acoustic curtain and galley pocket door to ensure optimal productivity and relaxation in-flight.

From getaways to non-stop long-range flights, this comfortable jet delivers on the experience of flying private for business and leisure travelers.

Range and Rate of Climb

The Gulfstream 200 Challenger 350 both offer the advantage of operating out of smaller airports with shorter runways, offering charter clients the convenience of being closer to their origination and destination points.

Both jets offer plenty of range for domestic or international flights but the Gulfstream 280 offers over just over 1,000 miles more range than the 350. With fast climb rates, both jets reach a comfortable cruising altitude in a short amount of time, leaving inclement weather below. With the range of these jets, you can concentrate on what’s most important to you without interruptions.

Aircraft Range (nm) Rate of Climb (fpm) Takeoff Distance (ft) Landing Distance (ft) Max Takeoff Weight (lbs.)
Gulfstream 280 4,143 5000 4,750 2,720 39,600
Challenger 350 3,100 5000 4,836 2,713 40,600

Speed: Super Midsize jets are among the fastest private jets available.

­Speed is the primary reason why our clients fly private and both of these jets are high performers. The 350 offers a slight advantage to passengers with a maximum speed of 629 mph and available payload with maximum fuel of 1,800 lbs.

Aircraft Max Speed Available Payload with Max Fuel
Gulfstream 280 559 1,000 lbs.
Challenger 350 629 1,800 lbs.

Integrated Cabin Management Technology

Super Midsize jets offer the latest in integrated cabin management technology. On-demand private charter clients enjoy the benefits of the latest technology to help manage tasks on land and in the air.

Gulfstream G280

Passengers have convenient access for controlling the cabin’s temperature, lighting and entertainment. On the jet’s high-definition monitors, passengers can display entertainment options or presentations for in-flight meetings. Passengers never lose connection to the ground with the jet’s air-to-ground technologies. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, most intuitive cabin technology in the industry.

Challenger 350

Bombardier designed the Challenger 350’s cabin to seamlessly integrate technology into the finely crafted interior resulting in an immersive experience that enhances the private flying experience. Bombardier’s design allows passengers with the ability to switch between productive work on monitors to entertainment with its exclusive cabin management system. Its intuitive design makes it simple to link to all devices so you can be as productive or connected as you need to be.  Connect, stream, watch and communicate as you would from home or the office.

In conclusion: The Gulfstream 200 Challenger 350 private jets offer spacious cabins and convenient access to smaller regional airport runways inaccessible to large commercial jets. Private Charter clients can fly out of airports closer to their destination, reducing hassles associated with commercial flights. These jets offer an economical alternative to heavy jets while providing enhancing the private flying experience.