3 Tips for Chartering a Private Jet

Tips for Chartering a Private Jet
Looking for a private jet charter can sometimes be overwhelming to someone who is not a frequent flyer, or isn’t able to distinguish which plane to choose due to the different options available today.

Since every trip is unique, our professional concierge is able to help you navigate through all the different options and select the perfect plane for your long distance business mission or a quick flight for a romantic occasion.

Charter the most appropriate aircraft for the occasion

Our staff is able to help you pick the right plane with the specific purposes that match your needs – for example; passenger seat capacity, pets or other valuable objects, destinations in remote locations or specific dates and special occasions in mind.

In order to match your needs, we carefully select the most relevant options among the aircraft available depending on which destination you are flying in and out of. Every detail of your private flight is tailored to you, including additional services such as private divers waiting for you outside the aircraft and any other luxury amenities you require on board.

Let our experts do their job

Finding a private jet charter flight that works with you at the best price on the market, is not an easy task, but our staff is able to help you. We work hard to source the most time-efficient and cost-effective solution for you to fly privately. With over 12 years in the industry, we use our market knowledge and research, as well as our large network of partners and extensive experience in negotiating with third parties.

Consider all available options

When looking for a private jet charter flight with a specific route or airport in mind may not be the best available way for you to reach your destination. Our experts are able to further evaluate and give you alternative options that you may not have considered yet. Smaller airports may be a better alternative to busy international ones, allowing for a quicker and safer departure or landing, as well as being closer to your hotel.

Additionally, if you are flexible you’re your dates and times, our staff is able to source empty leg and re-routed empty leg flights. An empty leg flight refers to a route (leg) that is flown by a private charter jet with no passengers on board, making it a perceived loss in billable flight time to the owner. These flights are significantly cheaper than a standard private jet flight.

For further questions or if you want to book the best deals, you can call our concierge team at +1 (954) 359-0059 that is available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have.