Why Flexibility (Not Comfort or Luxury) Is the Finest Attribute of Private Flights

Why Flexibility Is the Finest Attribute of Private Flights
Private jet travel has a reputation for being expensive. Its price, therefore, makes it exclusive and reserved just for a few. While the previous is debatable depending on the eyes of the beholder, there is one trait that, on a specific situation, converts private flight into an accessible means of transport for the majority and, on the other hand, justifies paying high amounts of money when operating under normal conditions. That trait is called flexibility.

As a comparison, traveling commercial first class is also expensive and exclusive, but the prices won’t suffer modifications and flexibility isn’t its strength. Now you may have a hint of where we’re going… From a price standpoint, private flight’s flexibility allows you on occasions to travel with up to a 70% discount for a one-way ticket.

These opportunities are called empty leg flights and they become available when a certain client only needs to charter a one-way route, thus leaving the return portion of the flight completely available. There is large empty leg market out there, and if you’re willing to wait until last minute for the all-around private experience, private jet operators such as Monarch Air Group offer them on a daily basis.

Now to the regular flexibility… Deciding when to travel should be considered as the Gold Standard trait of private aviation; schedule flexibility beats the comfort and privacy when organizing your next trip. Deciding at what time to travel, any day of the year is what private travel is all about and what makes it separate extensively from the aforementioned first class offers.

In the same line, the schedule flexibility is closely paired with the overall time invested on a standard private flight. There is no need to arrive three hours prior to the departure, and all the exhausting preflight processes are vastly reduced to a handful of minutes.

The flexibility snowball effect doesn’t end here. Having the opportunity to depart and land at almost any airport in the country also justifies private flight’s standard price. This not only allows you to avoid large amounts of people and traffic jams that come along with the international airport experience, but you also get to land far closer to your final destination, consequently wasting far less money and time in ground transportation.

Furthermore, you also have a huge amount of onboard flexibility. You want to fly with your pets in the cabin? Done. You want that 2008 limited edition Chilean red wine bottle to go with that juicy steak? No problem. Perhaps you want to make a last-minute stop before your final destination? Count on it. Flexibility at its finest…

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