Worldwide System of Floating Airports

The aviation industry’s plan to establish a worldwide system of floating airports many well provide benefits to the private air charter market. The greatest appeal applies to private jet operators and their private air charter clients. More routes would be available to smaller private jets, ultimately providing lower operating costs for private air charter operators and the private air charter traveler. Establishing several floating airports around the North Pole for example might aid in boosting research in that area, and creating a hub for private air charter. A private jet would be the perfect solution for those researchers and all of the surrounding commercial interests that could be served by private air charters.

One of the advantages to private air charter industry of establishing a floating airport is that, if need be, it can be relocated to accommodate more city pairs or other needs. Floating airports offer more flexibility to private jet travelers, as well as safer air charter for cargo transports . With more landing options, private jets will gain the ability to provide more routes for private air charter travelers around the world. Air charters might become a first preference, rather than a secondary alternative to commercial flights. Private air charter passengers will have more options when commercial flights are cancelled by chartering a private jet.