To Purchase or to Charter?

air charter prettyAir charter has become a popular alternative to the expense of purchasing and owning a private jet without compromising on luxury or convenience. Executive private jets can be customized to fit the particular private air charter flight needs for any given group situation within a few hour’s notice. The choice of air chartering a private jet versus purchasing a group of first-class or business tickets, while not necessarily ‘cheaper’ can often be a much better all-around ‘value’ for the money given the many advantages. You can hold a business meeting in-flight, with all the amenities you need. Many private jets are equipped with full galleys to feed your group higher-quality catering than what you would find aboard a commercial airliner.

Air charters offer extreme flexibility without the cost-prohibitions of owning a private jet. Air chartering a private jet enables you to customize your trip as needed. If you are flying with six passengers, you can charter a private jet to meet the needs of those six passengers. If your next private air charter flight includes ten people, you can select a private jet to accommodate those people. If your flight is business-oriented, your private jet can include business amenities such as high-end projectors and surround sound for in-flight presentations.

If your flight is for a personal getaway, your private air charter can be tailored to provide you with the personal luxuries and entertainment you are looking for. By air chartering a private jet, rather than purchasing a whole or fractional share in a private jet, you are not tied down to a specific private jet. Each private air charter flight can be customized to meet the specific needs of that trip, without having to consider the unknown possible scenarios of future flights and what type of private jet will be needed.

As far as costs and tax consequences of fractional jet ownership versus private on-demand air charter, the fixed costs and restrictions of being limited to only one particular private jet that can only be used at certain pre-determined times compared to the freedom of any aircraft any time should be weighed carefully in the decision.

Source: mercuryjets