5 Tips for Maximizing Your Private Flight

Tips for Maximizing Your Private Flight
A private flight provides luxury, absolute privacy, extreme comfort and allows you to manage your time completely, as well as the flight itinerary. But believe it or not, there are certain guidelines that can make your experience even better, especially if you are not a frequent private flyer.

1. How much earlier should I arrive before departure?

Well, let’s answer that with a question. How much earlier do you want to arrive? The private flight won’t depart if you are not there, so it really depends on your urgency. Typically, though, you can arrive 15 to 30 minutes prior if you want to take off at the exact agreed to schedule.

2. What should I wear?

Well, that depends on the purpose of your flight. If you’re traveling for business, then the usual dress code should apply. But when traveling for holidays or leisure in general, try not to overdress; you don’t have to match your dressing with the luxury of the jet.

3. When should I ask for the extras?

If you would like a certain meal or wine, or maybe listen to a specific type of music or even enjoy that one Italian espresso you crave, or really, anything that might make your flight more pleasant, you should ask for it upfront, right when you book your flight. Once on-board it might be too late for the crew to meet every requirement.

4. No need to set up the “Airplane Mode”

Although the effects of mobile phone interference with on-board systems are not really proven, almost every commercial flight demands passengers to switch to the “airplane mode” before departing. You can use any device freely on a private flight and the majority of jets have their own Wi-Fi as well, so you can work while you fly.

5. Move on quickly after landing

The true sense of private fly is time efficiency. So why not act in its favor? There is no need for you and your family to hang out too long in the private terminal. Just hop on to the taxi, let the ground crew carry your bags, and enjoy the start of you holidays or business trip.

Sure, there might be more tips that could make your private flight more enjoyable, but after your first or second experience, you will be the one sharing your own tips. And that’s the beauty of private flight; meeting every customer’s tailored needs. For more advice or tips you can contact Monarch Air Group before your private jet charter.