Private Jet Charters: The Need to Go Digital in a Fast-Paced World

Private Jet Charters Go Digital in a Fast-Paced World
There was a day when picking up the phone to book a jet was the norm. Today, more than ever, clients are purchasing different products and services online or through a digital app, and whatever business willing to survive needs to adapt to that trend. Things are no different in the private aviation market, especially with all the developments other means of transportation have accomplished in the past years, from commercial aviation to Uber.

Enabling access to a jet just hours before departure must be the aim of every private aviation provider globally. In fact, it’s what companies like Monarch Air Group in Fort Lauderdale are already doing: providing on demand options in all continents and even the possibility to purchase the flight via Bitcoin. They also use, as many others, a state of the art online marketplace called Avinode to buy and sell air charter flights, arranging an encompassing effort towards delivering a 360º service.

Especially today, when private aviation is no longer reserved to a small group of clients but gaining new users each year whilst also shifting the paradigm that luxury is no longer it’s most coveted asset, this segment needs to adapt to the tools used by normal people, those connected 24/7 to their smartphone and definitely willing to purchase an empty leg flight for half the price through a flawless mobile app.

A swift service for a fast-paced world

Successful young entrepreneurs, debatably the fastest rising segment to use private jet aviation, expect charter providers to move as fast as their start-ups; they want the flight ready to depart after they book it through the smartphone settled in their pockets and definitely don’t want any middlemen or further steps in the process; no confirmation calls or emails and no last-minute setbacks; leave that to commercial airlines.

This fast-paced world actually benefits private jet providers. Time is this segment’s main asset, by far. You get to the private terminal and can take-off in just minutes. No check-in lines whatsoever. You can land at the airport closest to your destination, thus saving time in ground transportation. And you don’t need to claim your luggage; you get off the plane with your suitcase. As you can read, private aviation adapts flawlessly to a world where time is money.

“You have to exceed expectations and know how your client and future customer behaves. Furthermore, as a private jet provider you need to understand the trends that are developing at record breaking pace thanks to technology. The technology that surrounds the private jet industry is astonishing, not just from a traveler’s standpoint (booking app, payment method and onboard amenities), but from a safety and maintenance perspective as well. Accounting all these variables will help maximize a private flight thus delivering the ultimate business aviation experience,” concludes David Gitman, Executive Director for Monarch Air Group.

Established in 2005, Monarch Air Group is a leading provider of on demand private jet charter, aircraft management, and long-term aircraft lease. Among Monarch’s customers are Fortune 500 corporations, leading entrepreneurs, Government agencies and world leading NGO’s.