No Plane, No Gain: Justifying Every Cent Invested in a Chartered Private Jet

No Plane, No Gain
Have you heard of the No Plane, No Gain advocacy campaign? Well, it started in 2010 as a joint effort between the National Business Aviation Association and the General Aviation Manufacturers Association, mainly designed to educate the public on the importance of business aviation to the United States and its communities, companies and citizens.

Today, almost 8 years down the runway, the campaign remains strong and has served as the starting point and main source of information for debates concerning the present and future of the business aviation industry. The campaign is noteworthy in an era where business aviation receives unfounded arguments as a money wasting machine, especially during the harsh economic conditions.

Well, it is of public knowledge that the main private jet passengers in the business are CEO’s and senior executives, most of them with stock options and therefore focused on maximizing the price of that stock. Do you really think they would keep using a private jet to travel to their next meeting, while withstanding the potential unfounded media frenzy and additionally putting at risk the overall shareholder value? Not quite.

Private jet cost-efficiency is still impressive

Private jet operator Monarch Air Group has talked before about the private jet cost-efficiency, promoting a series of assets that justify chartering this type of service, from the booking of the flight until the arrival of the aircraft to an airport without commercial air service. And the latter, as a global scale benefit of private aviation (not just for Fortune 500 companies) is a game changer that bolsters businesses of all sizes throughout the country.

There are many small-town businesses and clients that don’t receive the visit of major airline carriers. But there are thousands of domestic and regional airports that can serve the purposes of business aviation, while also attending the specific needs of the local clients. It’s the case of a small IT company in Oregon brought to light by the No Plane, No Gain campaign, which performs more business thanks to the tailored service provided by this industry.

Time is money

Furthermore, it’s hard not to incline towards private aviation when compared to commercial. Less time invested prior and after flights, departing earlier if meetings end ahead of schedule, staying more time at a certain location without any penalties on the return ticket and reducing almost entirely the uncertainty while managing time as needed. All these features help to justify, in a tangible way, the use of a corporate private aircraft.

It’s no rocket science: less time wasted in transportation, plus more time attending businesses and clients, equals a potential increase in shareholder value. Let the unjustified media frenzy continue its path; juts be certain that if business aircraft wouldn’t be beneficial and positively affect a company’s bottom-line, then we would see an increasing number of top executives travelling by bus.

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