5 New Year’s Resolutions for the Private Jet Industry

New Year’s Resolutions for the Private Jet IndustryIt’s that time of year, again. Time literally flies… Were the early 2017 projections met? What was the wisest move in the year? The main lessons learned? More importantly, what are the key objectives for 2018?

The truth is that with disregard of some external factors that might differ from continent to continent, there are a series of variables that will make or break the future plans of every private jet provider in the world. At Monarch Air Group we identified five essentials that need to be considered for a smooth flight throughout 2018.

1. Wing to wing customer service

A service company lives for its customers. Plain and simple. Providing a top-notch service in today’s competitive private jet market is essential to keep the turbines running. From the online booking experience to the cordiality of the crew, the entire process needs to be flawless.

How you can adapt to sudden requirements will also be a difference maker; from maintenance issues to last-minute requests by the client, planning for the unexpected won’t go unnoticed in the eyes of the rightfully demanding business aviation clientele.

2. Choosing the right supplier

A company’s image is strongly tied to its suppliers’ quality and performance. It’s key to work with the best possible service partner in order to obtain a good outcome. When requiring the services of an FBO, for instance, what happens during that whole pre-departure experience will impact the client’s perception of the overall private jet experience.

The passenger is booking a private jet, so what happens in between, from the catering options to the ground transportation service delivered after landing, is completely on the private jet provider.

3. Adapting to change

We live in a rapidly shifting world and therefore resistance to change is not the recipe for success. Online instant quoting systems, multiple payment methods and the use of big data are today’s must-haves.

Without going any further, private jet provider Monarch Air Group recently added the possibility to use the cryptocurrency Bitcoin as a payment method, in a move to broaden the reach to new customers while also separating from the competition. Registering your clientele’s behavior, even if you’re a small company, is key for success. Especially in a business where minor details are the ones that matter.

4. Reading the worldwide market trends

How does a shift in perception in Latin America regarding the use of single engine turboprops for private travel affect my business thousands of miles away? Can the aggressive message of luxury first-class commercial carriers in the Middle East affect the demand of my service?

What about the political uncertainty in some European countries? Staying on top of things, asking the tough questions and trying to project realistic outcomes is essential to account for the multiple internal and external variables. Even when operating locally, the global scale of today’s markets invites for a big-picture mindset.

5. Staying ahead of the competition

Will a partnership with a luxury hotel be the difference? Maybe investing more in advertising to my target audience… Being proactive instead of reactive will benefit any business. With such a large pool of aircraft to choose from, not feeling entirely comfortable with the state of the company is the way to go.

The competition, in any market, is always up to something; thinking otherwise is just a mistake, and constantly innovating will help avoid playing catch-up. As aforementioned, reading the overall trends helps, indeed, but knowing how to read the steps of your local competitor is arguably more important for the short-term financial health.

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