New to BizAv? What you need to know before jumping onboard

New to BizAv What you need to know before jumping onboard
Today, more than ever, private aviation is a business decision. Businesses today thrive on cost and time effectiveness, so having the flexibility to literally travel whenever and wherever is paramount for the long-term success of a company.

Monthly, hundreds of new travelers are experiencing the amenities of business aviation; top executives that were used to travel on the slow-paced first-class commercial and that now will make three meetings in one day instead of making one. This is the result of companies understanding the cost of time and choosing the right means available to maximize the achievement of their goals.

Time is money

When paying for a private flight travelers are immediately adding at least two more business hours to their day. Even more if the flight is international. No need to arrive three hours before to a crowded airport after paying thousands of dollars for that first-class ticket. And what about that preferential lounge? Not doing the job? Well, the business aviation counterpart, the FBO (Fixed Base Operator) or private terminal, will achieve the wow factor.

The FBO is where the private jet experience begins. Or as Monarch Air Group’s Executive Director puts it, “the location that will put bad travel experiences in the rear-view mirror. Once you try it there’s no looking back,” states David Gitman. When you get to the private terminal your jet awaits just steps away. You can either choose to embark immediately after arrival or hang out for a few cocktails before jumping onboard.

But before arriving, what should a private jet traveler wear? Whether pleasure or business, the comfort-first rule still applies in business aviation, unless you need to dress formally for a meeting right after you land. And even if that’s the case, having your luggage at sight at all times allows you to change before your meeting in the FBO, without wasting time in the baggage claim area.

Flexibility matters

Before getting onboard you also need to know the context of private aviation; what makes it great today. It’s no longer only for the super-rich, luxury is by far the least coveted asset and flexibility is what keeps clients coming back. Flexibility to depart and land in almost any airport in the world, to make last minute changes in the route whilst still on the air and to tailor your inflight experience with almost anything you could imagine.

In essence, you will not hear too many no’s when flying private. Safety first, it’s up to the client what to make out of his private jet experience, especially if it’s his first flight. Welcome to the benchmark for time efficiency and comfort, and don’t waste time comparing it to previous trips on a commercial aircraft; it just wouldn’t be a fair comparison.

Established in 2005, Monarch Air Group is a leading provider of on demand private jet charter, aircraft management and long-term aircraft lease. Among Monarch’s customers are Fortune 500 corporations, leading entrepreneurs, Government agencies and world leading NGO’s.