Kamov 32

The KA-32 helicopter is typically used for the transportation of cargo and passengers. The aircraft also has a sling load capacity.

Ka-32’s are popular for Search and Rescue, construction work, logging and firefighting missions. Commonly operated around the Globe, the Kamov is built for rigid field conditions and has proven its capabilities around the Globe.

Kamov-32 Helicopter

Monarch Air Group, through its parent company – Worldwide Aviation Group offers lucrative Ka-32 ACMI leases. Our operational experience includes ACMI operations in Africa and the Middle East with significant and demanding end users such as the US Government and the United Nations along with leading government contractors and vendors.


Charter a KA-32 Helicopter:

Ka-32 Specifications

Crew/passengers 4/16
Main rotor, diameter 15,9
Length 11,22
Weights (kg)
Max take-off weight 11000
Empty weight 6000
Aircraft performance characteristics:
Max Speed 260 km/h
Cruise Speed 230 km/h
Ceiling 5000 m
Range 650 km