How To Select Your Air Charter Broker

Why A Relationship Driven Approach Yields the Best Private Jets and Pricing

How To Select Your Air Charter Broker

Selecting a charter broker is a step every private flyer takes before starting their experience in the world of private aviation. Like buying a car, or figuring out which college one should attend, choosing a charter broker who can meet your needs will influence aircraft choice, safety, and pricing. In order to identify who to work with, it’s important to understand the roles and responsibilities that private aviation brokers have, along with how they approach operations, mechanical issues and client needs.

What Does an Air Charter Broker Do?

Air charter brokers help book private jets on an on-demand basis (as opposed to private jet cards or fractional ownership models). The broker works in the background to ensure the entire experience is seamless from start to finish. Examples include sourcing aircraft from a pool of available jets, putting together various aircraft options into a single and easy-to-read proposal, ensuring accuracy of information, and presenting this information in a way that’s easy to digest by the client.

After presenting a variety of options, the broker will secure the private flyer’s aircraft choice; ensure the passenger manifest is accurate; coordinate any international documents, pet documents, or permits; and build the itinerary for the trip. Furthermore, they will coordinate any catering or ground transportation that may be needed for the flight and keep the client updated with any changes that may arise prior to departure.

On the day of the flight, it is considered a best practice for broker to keep in touch with the client and ensure the aircraft and crew are ready for a timely departure. When all goes according to plan, the client departs smoothly and has an enjoyable and memorable flight. In the rare circumstance that a flight is unable to perform due to a cancellation/weather/mechanical malfunction, the broker remains on standby to recover the flight with another aircraft. Upon arrival, the broker will reach out to ensure everything was satisfactory, and perform any follow-up that may be necessary.

How Can a Charter Broker Help Me?

Choosing the best broker involves knowing how they can brokers provide the client with the most value and least hassle. For example, charter brokers with operational backgrounds and industry experiences may be more skilled in handling “off-menu” requests, along with tricky trip requests and aircraft recoveries (such as when an aircraft is having a mechanical issue). It’s also helpful to note whether your charter broker provides a single point of contact or whether you will be in touch with multiple people throughout the process.

How Do Charter Brokers Handle Operations?

In many on-demand charter companies, the sales side of the business is separated from the operational side. While there are some benefits to this such as the compartmentalization of client data, there are many more drawbacks. Communication can break down in between, introducing errors in a charter flight that result in a poor client experience. As any private flyer can attest, there is nothing worse than a request that gets forgotten in a mess of emails with different departments.

In general, charter brokers who oversee flights from start-to-finish tend to receive reviews that mention the ease of the relationship and the ability to catch minor issues before they become problems. Instead of passing down information and hoping another department can handle the problem, they can react swiftly to any circumstance and provide a solution for the client.

What Requests can Charter Brokers Accommodate?

Another benefit of working with a charter broker is their ability to adapt to new requests and environments. There are many instances that someone may need a charter flight, ranging from leisure; business; transporting an ill individual, cargo, or pets; and even humanitarian aid efforts and relief. Thus, it is important to choose a charter broker that can accommodate these requests and offer a charter solution. Teams that are well equipped to handle humanitarian relief missions, NGO aid, demanding government contracts and more are often well positioned to ensure that you get safely and comfortably to any destination.

What Can a Charter Broker Do if my Plane Experiences a Mechanical Issue?

One unwelcome aspect of flying privately is the rare circumstance where an aircraft experiences a mechanical issue and must be substituted in order to complete the trip. While extremely rare, it is vital for the charter broker to provide a recovery aircraft for the client in order to get them where they need to be. Brokers who have developed deep relationships with owners and operators throughout the country tend to be most adept at arranging quick recoveries and minimizing inconveniences.

Charter Brokers as the Sole Point of Contact

Lastly, something to consider when choosing a charter broker is whether they will be the primary point of contact, or if they will be passing the private flyer from one person to another. In almost every case, it is a superior experience for the client to speak with only one individual, as it keeps all information consolidated and prevents confusion.

How Much Does a Charter Broker Know About Private Aviation?

s in any industry, there are professionals and there’s everyone else. If a client is searching for a charter broker and they are not fully tuned in to every facet of private aviation, they should continue their search. From safety knowledge encompassing ARGUS and Wyvern certifications to basic aircraft comprehension, a well-versed charter broker will be able to present the most suitable aircraft for every client’s needs.

Summary: Charter Broker Relationships Add Value to Your Private Jet Experience

Generally speaking, the best charter brokers and brokerage firms provide a clear understanding of the agent’s role while giving them the authority to actively improve the client experience. The best brokers offer complete operational support 24/7 in order to remain on hand should any needs arise, ranging from operational needs to smooth recoveries. It is wise to trust in a charter broker who is knowledgeable about their profession and comes recommended by peers and clients, since they will add value to a private flyer’s experience.