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Helicopter Charter in the Bahamas, to support the relief efforts post Hurricane Dorian

Monarch Air Group is able to provide helicopters and other air assets to assist with the evacuation and resupply efforts.
Helicopter Charter in the Bahamas, to support the relief efforts post Hurricane Dorian

During and post significant natural disaster, as well as political instability, the utilization of helicopters is often the only way to reach remote areas. The vast power of the hurricane has rendered infrastructure useless in the affected areas. With the airports closed and unstable security situation, rotary aircraft provide the most efficient solutions. Helicopters are capable of providing aerial assessments, deliver much needed supplies and personnel, evacuate the injured to safety.

Monarch Air Group is highly experienced in providing aid via rotary helicopters. Our past experience includes three dedicated helicopters in Haiti post Hurricane Matthew in 2016 for a leading NGO, four helicopters to provide aerial firefighting and aid post a flood in Indonesia in 2017, as well as many other rotary mission.

Helicopter Charter in the Bahamas

How can you charter a helicopter in Abaco, Marsh Harbor, Freeport, or Nassau?

There are two main principals of aircraft lease: on demand charter or dedicated aircraft.

On demand- or one time flights are limited to the aircraft available on site. These helicopters are available to perform missions, but their amount and performance is limited.

Dedicated aircraft -to NGO’s and Governments as well as private companies. This requires special permits from the Bahamian Government, as well as experience in on site maintenance, crew rotations and scheduling.
Monarch is able to provide your organization with a solution to either scenario.
For an overview of available helicopters for a dedicated mission, please contact our ops team today.

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