Why Does Food Taste Different on a Private Jet?

Why Does Food Taste Different on a Private Jet
One of the important pieces of the “experience puzzle” offered by private travel is the exquisite food and fine wine served on board. But what might taste great on the ground might not taste as well in the air. Why? As stated by Charles Spence, professor of experimental psychology at Oxford University, the absence of humidity, reduced air pressure, and background noise are some of the many reasons for this.

At 30.000 feet, the air inside the jet distresses how you smell, and considering that almost 80% of taste is in fact smell, then we are left with an altered sense of taste for the duration of the flight. If we add that humidity can get as low as 10% in a cabin; we are left with a dry and low pressured environment that decreases the sensitivity towards sweet and salty meals by close to 30%, according to Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute.

But there’s still hope. By including the right type of tastes to the list of options, chefs around the world have found that the unami or savory taste, one of five the basic tastes, is not altered during flights. Now that’s good news… Unami is found in cheese, mushrooms, tomatoes, meat and fish, so it’s up to you to incorporate them into your menu.

What about wine? Unfortunately, it doesn’t travel well. But just as food, there are some types that can withstand the “harsh” conditions. Wines that normally taste fruity suddenly taste acidic in the skies, so it’s highly recommended to choose intense wines instead of the lighter ones. With that in mind, Sauvignon Blanc will maintain its flavor 30,000 feet above, as well as the red grapes Shiraz and Merlot.

Luxury and comfort in a private flight can be paired with exquisite cuisine and wine, you just need to know what to order. We hope that these pointers can help you make the right decision on your next flight. With Monarch Air Group, you can tailor your onboard menu with any wine or food preference or you can ask us for advice; our catering staff will help you with your decision. You can contact us before your next flight using private jet charter cost estimator.