Five Reasons Private Jet Charters are Safer Than Commercial Airlines

Five Reasons Private Jet Charters are Safer Than Commercial Airlines

More travelers than ever before are realizing the value of flying private. When considering whether to charter a private flight or book a commercial flight, consider the safety culture of the private aviation industry. From business jet manufacturers that continually invest in innovative technology that improves safety standards to operators who abide by strict operational protocols designed to enhance passenger safety, private jets represent one of the safest forms of travel.

In this article, we outline five reasons chartering a private jet can be considered safer than flying on a commercial airline.

1. Third-Party Safety Checks

Private jet charter companies have established audit and review contracts with various third-party consultants to maintain full compliance with FAA-mandated regulations.

Private jet companies meet and exceed these regulations through first-class standards of quality control. This process encompasses both external operations and internal procedures and is conducted on a consistent basis. By contracting with unbiased third parties, private jet charterers perform comprehensive and frequent reviews at every level and maintain the good faith of their stakeholders and clients.

2. Private Terminals

Passengers who choose to spend time at the airport before their flight can relax in the comfort of a private lounge. Furthermore, when you have access to a private terminal and private jet, you can reduce the number of people you encounter during your travel from hundreds to just a few.

3. Reduced Travel Time

Private jets connect cities like never. Whether you plan to take a short domestic flight or travel to an international destination, you can reduce your travel time by accessing the fastest passenger jets in the market.

You can also travel nonstop according to your schedule to avoid layovers and connecting flights. Also, with the short take-off capabilities of private jets, you can significantly reduce commute time by utilizing smaller airports that are more conveniently located to you.

4. Fewer Passengers

When you fly private, you can choose who you fly with including family, friends, and business associates. By traveling with fewer passengers, your security is greatly enhanced. Your charter provider will play a role in further enhancing your security. They will ensure that all passengers provide a valid driver’s license or passport when they create a passenger manifest before they arrive at the airport. Passengers present their identification again when they check-in.

5. Fly at Higher Altitudes

The ability to fly at higher altitudes has some safety advantages over commercial jets. Commercial jets typically travel at 35,000 feet. Private jets typically operate around 41,000 feet but can fly at 45,000 feet or more.

Traveling at higher altitudes means less turbulence and a more comfortable passenger experience. Your jet will not only burn less fuel, but you will be able to leave inclement weather and heavy commercial air traffic far below. Because there is less traffic at higher altitudes, your pilot can more easily adjust to a safer and more comfortable flight path if needed.

In conclusion, private jets offer several advantages over commercial airlines that enhance passenger safety. When considering a privately chartered flight for your next trip, you can rest assured that private jet charterers place safety as the highest priority. Robust safety measures are in place to ensure you and your passengers enjoy a safe, secure and seamless travel experience.

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