Discover North and South Dakota by Private Jet

Discover North and South Dakota by Private Jet
With plenty of outdoor adventures and scenic countryside, North and South Dakota offer a great variety of attractions for the entire family to discover during your vacation. Some highlights include the Theodore Roosevelt National Park, the International Peace Garden and Mount Rushmore to name a few. Below is a guide to the best landmarks and top attractions you need to cross off your bucket list as you travel through the two states.

North Dakota

Some of America’s most inspiring and iconic landmarks are in North Dakota, along with fabulous starry night skies and natural trails that stretch for miles of unspoiled land.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Theodore Roosevelt, once referred to his love of North Dakota as “Here the romance of my life began,” and since then, a visit to the Theodore Roosevelt National Park is the best place to see the love affair. With more than 70,000 acres of painted canyons and hiking trails on the border of I-94 and the Little Missouri River, this is a scenic place that offers guided tours and nature walks through the beautiful grounds.

North Dakota Heritage Center

With a $52 million dollar makeover, the North Dakota Heritage Center is located in Bismarck and exhibits a beautiful variety of dinosaurs and mammoths.

Maah Daah Hey Trail

This 98-mile trail connects the northern and southern parts of the Theodore Roosevelt Park, running through beautiful scenic rocky mountains with the possibilities of sightseeing some golden eagles, bison, coyotes, and bighorn sheep.

International Peace Garden

In addition to the beautiful colors of roses and a variety of other flowers, the garden also is home to a conservatory with over 3,000 cacti.

South Dakota

Mount Rushmore

Completed in 1941, Mount Rushmore is one of America’s most recognized and iconic memorial landmarks today. Located in South Dakota, more than 3 million tourists from all around the world come to the landmark to see the famous faces of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln carved into the mountain.

Deadwood, South Dakota

Located in the northern Black Hills known for its horses and the rich history of the Wild West, Deadwood was named a National Historic Landmark in 1961 and has a variety of family-friendly museums, attractions, and history for all to enjoy.

Crazy Horse Memorial

The Crazy Horse Memorial is the world’s largest mountain carving that stands as a tribute to Crazy Horse, a Lakota warrior and one of the most important Native American tribal leaders. A short distance from Mount Rushmore, the memorial construction began in 1948 and once complete, will stand 563 feet tall. Other nearby attractions include the Indian Museum of North America, a cultural center that depicts the Native American culture, tradition, and heritage of the North American Indians.

With so much history and culture to experience in the Dakota’s, along with beautiful natural scenery and family-friendly attractions, this summer is the best time to book your private jet charter and experience these two beautiful states for yourself in complete luxury.