Chartering a Light Private Jet

Chartering a Light Private JetFor trips up to 3,000 miles carrying less than 7 passengers the ideal type of aircraft is a light jet. This type of private jet was created for shorter distance flights. Air charters between New York and Miami, or headed West up to Houston. These private jets are not made for coast-to-coast travel. An air charter from Miami to LA on a light jet will require numerous fuel stops which will significantly discomfort the passengers and create unnecessary hassle and delays. The most popular types of light jets are the Lear jet 35, Beech Jet, Citation series, and Falcon 10. These private jets comfortably accommodate their passengers on a North to South air charter or a Miami-Aspen private charter.

The cost of chartering a light jet varies between $2,300/hr to $2,800/hr. The price varies by the safety ranking of the aircraft, its type, year of manufacturing and year of refurbishing. However, at 40,000 feet the passengers know that they are flying the best aircraft on the market, not the cheapest private jet they could find.

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