Book a Private Charter Flight to Ibiza with Monarch Air Group

Book a Private Charter Flight to Ibiza with Monarch Air Group
As the summer comes, Ibiza becomes one of the busiest private jet destinations in the world. Whether it is your first time booking a private charter flight or you are a seasoned customer, Monarch Air Group’s professional concierge team can find you the best deal to and from your airport of choice.

Benefits of Traveling Privately to Ibiza

When you travel privately, you are able to skip the hassle of commercial airports such as parking, layovers, security lines, and lengthy check-n counters, as well as lost luggage. Private charter flights allow you to enjoy full VIP comfort, privacy, and professional service on board as well as the entire journey being set as your own pace and schedule.

Whether you decide to fly to Ibiza last minute (or anywhere in the world for that matter), or you are requesting a flight with specific needs such as a particular type of champagne on board with a limousine transfer, we ensure that your journey is as smooth and relaxing as possible for you during the entire duration of your trip.

Ibiza airport is a practical airport for easy transit

With a terminal dedicated specifically to Ibiza private jet charters, the Ibiza airport is a practical airport for easy transit. Ibiza is known worldwide to have a huge music scene, which is why millions of people visit the island each year and why private jet chartering will ensure you a stress-free journey.

Apart from Ibiza, there is another more quaint side of the island as well to explore, though most visitors are not quite ready to leave the dance floor of the various nightclubs or daytime party scenes hosting some of the top DJs from all over the world. In addition to the music scene, you can indulge in tasty Mediterranean cuisine along with beautiful views of the island.

The island also has an extensive history that is rooted in the hippy and bohemian culture dating back to the flower power movement in the 1960s. The walls of Ibiza’s Old Town, for example, contain a maze of restaurants and bars that are all remnants of the bohemian culture.

If you really want to see the entire island and all of the hidden gems that it offers, you are better off renting a Vespa scooter that can take you around to the hidden beaches and secret views that are too difficult to access by bus or taxi. This will ensure your overall stay is a memorable one.