Benefits of Private Jet Charters

Benefits of private jet charters Private jet charters offer several important benefits to busy executives and individuals, enabling travelers to save a significant amount of time while providing a much more streamlined, convenient and comfortable flight experience.

Convenient Airport Access

Unlike commercial planes, private jet charters have access to thousands of conveniently located airports worldwide. This allows you to save time by reducing the need for long-range ground transportation. Air charter airports are often much closer to your final destination, whether it is a production facility, downtown locale, factory, office, private residence or vacation area. These airports are often much less congested, drastically reducing the time spent getting to the gate and waiting on the runway before takeoff and after landing.

Streamlined Security

Commercial flights require several hours to get through security checkpoints and the experience is often very stressful. Long lines, x-rays, pat-downs, removing coats and shoes – no one enjoys the pre-screening process that accompanies every commercial flight. Private jet charters allow travelers to show up and board at their convenience while still maintaining high standards of safety through the vastly simplified TSA 12/5 Program. No lines, delays or hassles. Just get there and get going! You can also rest assured that Monarch Air Group ensures that all flight crew – pilots, attendants and ground personnel – are experienced, certified and adhere to the highest standards in safety and reliability.

Privacy and Productivity

Even in first-class cabins, commercial flights are not able to offer the requisite privacy necessary to executives, government officials and selective groups and individuals. On a private jet charter, passengers are able to conduct business – on a laptop or conference call, for example – without worrying about who is watching and listening. In addition, various amenities create a relaxing environment conducive to completing important tasks.

Efficiency and Flexibility

Commercial flight passengers spend hours getting to and from the airport, going through security, and waiting to board their flight. They are also frequently subject to long flight delays and cancellations, which can be disastrous when en route to important meetings and events. Private air charters, in contrast, revolve around your schedule. As soon as you are ready to board, the plane departs. If you are running late, the flight will wait for you. Private jet charters are available 24/7 and can often be arranged on short notice. For busy executives and individuals, the flexibility that private air charters provide is priceless.

Monarch Air Group is a prestigious private aircraft operator with years of industry experience. Through select joint venture agreements we have access to thousands of aircraft and countless destinations around the globe. Our world-class personnel are dedicated to the highest standards of safety and service and are available 24/7 to book your next domestic or international private air charter. Whatever your schedule, budget and demands, we will find the best solution and go above and beyond to exceed your expectations. Contact us today for your free quote.