Air Charter Coast to Coast

private jet faceDifferent trips call for different private jet aircraft. Depending on how many passengers are in your travel party, chartering a light jet may be the most cost effective if flight time is greater than 2 hours in duration. A light jet will accommodate up to 7 passengers, but for a coast to coast trip, it’s not really the most appropriate aircraft for that route unless you don’t mind one or two fuel stops. Most mid size aircraft have a range that limit the chances of doing NY-CA non-stop.

The Hawker 800XP is one of the few true mid size charter aircraft that most of the time will not require a fuel stop. Many of our clients will request chartering the Citation X (“10”) which is considered to be a super mid size private jet, accommodating up to 8 passengers. The Citation X is manufactured by Cessna and happens to be the fastest executive air charter aircraft with a top speed of Mach .94, almost shattering the sound barrier. Compared to other 5 hour or greater range aircraft, the Citation X will often shave about 45 minutes off a NY-CA trip, and vice versa. This is a very frequently traveled route, by private jet charter, so one-way pricing is very attainable on this aircraft and many other. If you anticipate on having more than 8-9 passengers, a heavy jet charter will likely be the most suitable.

It’s an air charter brokers job to offer you the most appropriate and cost effective options for each trip, so make sure you keep an open line of communication in order to best serve your needs.