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5 trends impacting the evolution of private jet travel

From accessibility to consumer behavior, business aviation actors are focusing on new traits in their constant seek for the ultimate flight experience.

5 trends impacting the evolution of private jet travel

Technology is changing the world. Every industry has adopted new technological advances to make their processes more cost efficient and with increased levels of engagement with the customer. The private jet market is no different, and from aircraft manufacturers to the inflight experience, all companies involved have needed to adapt to the changing winds. This evolution has raised the bar regarding how this segment differentiates from other travel options. Monarch Air Group, private jet provider based in Fort Lauderdale, brings you the 5 trends that are changing private travel.

1. Awareness

It all starts here. Commercial carriers invest millions of dollars in advertisement to sell tickets and shape brand image. Although private aviation providers don’t have that kind of budget, even if they had, tailored communication, instead of massive, is the way to go. And on a yearly basis, we are observing more players in the segment pushing engagement efforts through specific channels. This benefits the industry as a whole, shifting perception towards flexibility, today’s main trait, and moving away from luxury, yesterday’s value proposition.

2. Accessibility

Awareness results in a potential increase of users, and therefore in a rise in access to the service. For reasons stated later, there are other variables impacting accessibility, internal and external, from different ways to fly private to the overall inefficiency of commercial aviation. There are many ways you can get on a private aircraft; using the flexible on-demand model, pursuing a membership or jet card or purchasing a seat on a fixed route. Criticized by some, the latter is considered borderline commercial flight, because you don’t choose the aircraft nor the passengers next to you. Price is therefore this model’s main asset.

3. Technology

From market research software to booking apps, the business jet market is using all available tools to understand what moves its passengers towards their service. Do they travel for business or pleasure? What aircraft are quoted for routes over 3 hours? What’s the best way to stay in touch with each client? All these questions give relevant information to improve customer service and make each passenger’s flight highly tailored and unique. Technology to gather and analyze data, communicate and constantly seek the ultimate travel experience.

4. Consumer behavior

As the years go by, new generations need to be accounted in this mix of evolving variables. Today, the millennial generation is changing how companies communicate, how products and services are marketed and how brand values are embedded within firms. Plenty of changes that bring a shift in consumer behavior and, most importantly, consumer expectations. Technology plays its part from a private jet provider perspective, in understanding some trends, although nothing can be done with the lack of brand loyalty and constant seek of new experiences that define the millennials. This benefits some models over others, although adapting remains a challenge for the entire market.

5. Commercial aviation

Arriving three hours prior to the airport, especially in traffic-heavy cities, means that your trip can start even 5 hours before the real flight time. Massively concurred terminals on arrival and long check-in lines don’t help the cause. This type of scenario is just unsustainable for today’s business traveler, where less time in the air potentially means more deals on the ground. With private aviation you can arrive literally 15 minutes before the flight, in a private terminal, greeted by the pilots and with a jet some feet away. No point of comparison. Yes, this comes with a price, but what you invest in the overall flight, you save in expensive hotels and dinners, because you can come right back to base the same day or even sustain several meetings in one day. The same goes for the leisure traveler; it’s all about flexibility, comfort and time-efficiency.

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