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5 Benefits of Flying Non-Stop in a Private Jet

5 Benefits of Flying Non-Stop in a Private JetWhether you fly private for business or pleasure, a privately chartered flight offers flexibility and timesaving conveniences unmatched by commercial jetliners. And when it comes to time savings, non-stop flights are one of the perks of flying private.

A private jet charter can be matched to suit almost any travel plan from short non-stop flights to long-range cross-continental or international trips. Private jets range from heavy, super midsize, midsize to light jets. Midsize and light jets accommodate fewer passengers than heavy jets, but they are also designed to maximize passenger comfort and utility.

Here are five benefits of flying non-stop in a private jet:

1. Time savings and uninterrupted flying

Flying non-stop on a private jet means once you settle in, you don’t have to get up to collect your belongings and rush to a connecting flight. On a non-stop private charter, you can work uninterrupted or relax until you reach your destination.

2. Less risk of losing your baggage

Baggage is loaded directly onto private jets, so there is little risk, if any, of losing your baggage when flying private. Also, most private jets have storage areas in the cabin that can be easily accessed during flight. And, because there are fewer baggage restrictions on private flights, you can bring whatever you need for your trip. Keep in mind that baggage capacity may be limited based on a few factors, including the number of passengers that will be flying on your charter, jet configuration and range.

3. No risk of missing connecting flights

If you’ve flown commercial, you know that just because you arrive at the airport, it doesn’t mean your connecting aircraft or flight crew has. Commercial flights are frequently delayed or canceled because of late-arriving aircraft or crew, mechanical problems or severe weather. Private jets fly at altitudes much higher than commercial jetliners, leaving inclement weather below.

4. Arrive faster at your destination

Flying non-stop means you will arrive at your destination quicker. You’ll spend less getting there and you’ll have more time to spend at your destination.

5. Fuel-stop savings

The average fuel stop takes between 45 – 60 minutes. If your pilot calls ahead, the process can take as little as 30 minutes. Even if you are on the ground, you’ll still be charged if you are paying an hourly rate. Non-stop flights not only offer better fuel economy but they spare on-the-ground expenses as well. Monarch Air Group is expert at matching the right jet with charter requirements to avoid unnecessary delays.

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