Bombardier Challenger 600

The Bombardier Challenger 600 is a modern, narrow-body, business-class passenger aircraft. It is also a twin-engine jet from the renowned Canadian manufacturer Bombardier. The first flight was made in 1978, and today more than 800 aircraft of the Challenger 600 family have been produced. Due to its good technical characteristics, the model is quite popular in the business aviation segment.

Bombardier Challenger 600

Charter a Challenger 600 private jet

The Bombardier Challenger 600 enables passengers to conduct active business activities during travel and even for intercontinental flights. It is equipped with two General Electric CF34-3A twin-turbojet engines.

The passenger cabin of the Bombardier Challenger 600 is spacious enough with enough height to move inside at full size. The model is visually distinguished from other models by the flaps when the fairings are lowered below the wing.

Challenger 600 General Characteristics

  • Seating: 10-17 passengers
  • Max Range: 2,909 nm
  • Cruise Speed: 527 mph
  • Cabin Height: 6 ft 1 in
  • Cabin Length: 28 ft 3 in
  • Cabin Width: 8 ft 2 in
  • Baggage Capacity: 115 cu ft

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